Data Science courses in Canada that can give successful career

when quality education When it comes to Canada One of the most famous and sought after global destinations by international students. The dazzling new field of data science has caught the attention of not only technophiles and statisticians but also young entrepreneurs and well-established business moguls as the technologically driven world moves forward. So, if you are interested in pursuing a career in data science and want to do data science courses in Canada, you have come to the right place. Through this blog, we will share some of the best universities that offer data science courses in Canada. If you have any suggestion related to this blog then give your opinion in the comment section below.

course name data science
course level -undergraduate
-post graduate
top universities -University of Toronto
-University of British Columbia
-University of Montreal
-University of Alberta
Scholarships -BrokerFish International Scholarship
-Go Clean Scholarship
-Paul Foundation Scholarships
-National Overseas Scholarship

What is Data Science?

In simple words, data science is a study of data, in which algorithms, machine learning theory and various other tools. It is used to record, collect and analyze data to obtain important and useful information. Data scientists extract and examine data from a wide range of sources such as log files, social media, sensors, customer transactions.

Why study in Canada?

Every year students from all over the world go to Canada to study. With the better education system and safe environment in Canada, the top universities here become the main reason for a lot of student arrivals. Students studying here do not have heavy tuition fees like other countries, but pocket-friendly tuition fees are what attracts students the most. Apart from this, Canada is considered one of the safest countries for women and student travellers. Canadian universities are very conscious of the safety of their foreign students.

Situated just above the United States of America, Canada is a country that has developed into a major nation that is an important player in global politics. The first is the feeling of being home that you get in Canada. Indians constitute more than 3.8 percent of the country’s population. Getting a visa is also very easy. Talking about the study aspects, there are many world class universities in Canada which are ranked less than 100 all over the world. They offer good infrastructure, dynamic culture, quality education and many job opportunities in MNCs located in Canada. It is a common practice in Canada for students to work on-campus or off-campus in order to earn some extra bucks. You are allowed to work 20 hours a week. Scholarships are offered to you exclusively for international students.

Data Science vs Big Data

Along with doing Data Science Courses in Canada, one should also be aware of Data Science vs Big Data, which are as follows:

basic difference data science big data
scope micro macro
main area Machine Learning, AI, Search Engine Engineering, Corporate Analytics Customer, Compliance, Financial Analysis; data communication and retail
target Helps with data cleaning, preparation and analysis Used to analyze insights for better decisions and strategic business moves.


It is also necessary to have the following skills for doing Data Science Courses in Canada-

  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • artificial intelligence
  • distributed processing
  • domain knowledge
  • solve problems
  • Data presentation and visualization

cost of data science courses in canada

The cost of Data Science Courses in Canada varies. The cost varies from university to university. Below is a general table for Data Science courses in Canada:

courses Annual Cost (CAD)
Bachelors 22,094-81,616 (INR 13.25-49.01 Lakh)
masters 10,848-63,599 (INR 6.50-38.15 Lakh)
Diploma 7,067-25,210 (INR 4.24-15.12 Lakh)
doctorate 9,780-16,531 (INR 5.86-9.91 Lakh)

Note: The fee mentioned above is normal. This may vary depending on the conversion rates. To know the most recent fees, you need to contact the college or university directly.

cost of living in canada

The cost of living in Canada depends on the lifestyle of the students, below are the common cost of living-

expenses cost (CAD)
flight expenses 1,666-3,332 (INR 1-2 Lakh)/ per flight
study permit fees 150 (INR 9,000)
work permit fee 155 (INR 9,300)
IELTS Test Fees 245 (INR 14,700)
Accomodation 5,000–10,000 (INR 3 lakh-6 lakh) annually
travel cost 80–110 (INR 4,800-6,600) per month
health insurance 300-800 (INR 18,000-48,000)
Food 300-400 [INR 18,000-24,000] every month
Entertainment 750 [INR 45,000] every month

To know the detailed description of cost of living in different countries according to your lifestyle Cost of Living Calculator use.

data science courses in canada

Canada offers many data science courses with quality education. There are different types of data science courses that can be done in Canada, the main ones are listed here:

undergraduate program post graduate degree doctorate Diploma/Certificate Programs
Bachelor of Science in Statistics – Machine Learning & Data Mining Master of Science in Applied Computing – Data Science Doctor of Philosophy Computer Science – Machine Learning Diploma in Data Analytics
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Data Science Master of Mathematics in Data Science Doctor of Philosophy Administration – Data Science Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Business Decision Making
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Computer Science – Data Science Master of Science – Data Science & Business Analytics Doctor of Philosophy in Data Processing Certificate Data Science and Analytics
Bachelor of Science – Data Science Master of Data Science Graduate Certificate Big Data Analytics
Bachelor of Arts in Computing Systems – Data Analytics Master of Computer Science – Applied Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics
Bachelor of Science in Statistics – Quantitative Finance Master of Science in Data Processing Post Graduate Diploma of Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Digital Entertainment
Master’s of Management in Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate in Big Data Solution Architecture
Master of Science Management – ​​Data Science & Business Analytics Graduate Certificate Cloud Computing for Big Data
Master of Science in Computer Science – Statistical Machine Learning
Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Our AI course finder With the help of this, you can choose the courses and universities of your choice.

top universities

Data Science Courses in Canada are offered by many universities. The top universities among them are listed here:

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Some universities have varying requirements for data science courses in Canada. Here are some of the main eligibility criteria:

Requirements Graduate Diploma/Certificate Bachelors masters doctorate
educational requirements a college degree or diploma 75% in 10+2 4-year undergraduate in computer science, statistics, math, or machine learning with 3.0 GPA or grade B or 75% 10+2 to Masters 3 – 3.3 GPA or 80%
english proficiency test IELTS-6.5
PTE -60
IELTS -6.5- 7.0
TOEFL- 100
other requirements 2-4 years work experience for some universities SAT may be necessary. for some universities GRE or GMAT Scores and 1-2 years of work experience required. research proposals

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how to apply?

Data Science Courses in Canada You have to apply online at different universities’ websites, and the application process also varies from university to university. To take admission in Canadian university you Leverage Edu You can take help of expert. The general procedure for admission to Canadian universities is as follows:

  1. Choose from Data Science Courses and Top Universities in Canada. in this you Leverage Edu You can take help of experts.
  2. Now you should get all the information by visiting the site of the university of your choice.
  3. Apply on the university portal and fill the application form with your personal details, then pay the application fee. Be sure to submit your application before the deadline.
  4. Upload the required documents.
  5. Apply for any scholarship in Canada if you meet its eligibility.
  6. Now you will get an email from the university in which you will have to give your approval.
  7. Next is to apply for a study permit in Canada if the duration of the program you are enrolled in is more than 6 months. You will be issued a visa or an ETA along with the permit.
  8. You need an acceptance letter from the university (which must be a designated educational institution) to apply for a study permit.


Are the Cost of Data Science Courses in Canada Overwhelming to You? Many scholarships are also provided to the students doing data science courses in Canada. Here is a list of some of the main scholarships:

  1. BrokerFish International Scholarship
  2. Go Clean Scholarship
  3. Paul Foundation Scholarships
  4. National Overseas Scholarship
  5. University of Alberta India Centenary Scholarship
  6. University of Alberta – India First Year Excellence Scholarship
  7. Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award
  8. Debesh Kamal Scholarship

top recruiters

The top companies that hire students after doing Data Science courses in Canada are as follows:

  • Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Shopify
  • RBC
  • Microsoft
  • Cognizant
  • ASTEK Canada Inc.
  • Google

Career Scope and Salary

Below are the career scope and salary:

Jobs Annual Salary (CAD) annual salary (INR)
data architect 81,000 59.60 lakh
senior data scientist 1.20 lakh 88.30 lakh
business analyst 78,574 57.82 lakh
business intelligence analyst 77,638 57.13 lakh
business intelligence developer 81,945 60.30 lakh
application architect 1.10 lakh 80.94 lakh
data mining engineer 80,673 59.36 lakh
machine learning scientist 1.62 lakh 1.19 crore
data scientist 1.07 lakh 79.10 lakh

Hope, that this blog has provided you complete information about Data Science Courses in Canada. If you also want to study Data Science courses in Canada then visit our Leverage Edu 30 minutes free session with experts 1800 572 000 Call on to book.

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