Germany or UK in which country to study?

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One thing that is always difficult for an international student is the country in which they want to study. study abroad It is a huge decision to make, and you have to consider all aspects of it. Germany and the UK have created educational hubs that attract international students to study in their home countries, but which country is a good fit for you, given your budget, course preferences and university options? Let us know in detail about Germany vs UK in this blog.

Who to choose between Germany vs UK?

The UK is known for the world’s best universities and easy visa process, while Germany is popular for free education (for elite students) and quality education. However, both are wonderful options. You can take admission in PG courses in UK after completing three years of UG degree. To get admission in Management course you need to GMAT will have to be present. For science courses, you may not be required to take the GRE exam, so check with the university first. For international students for masters course in Germany, IELTS either TOEFLare essential for working comprehension of the German language.

Why choose Germany?

Germany is part of the European Union and is the largest economy in Europe. A country that was destroyed in two world wars, they now form a major service sector that accounts for (approximately) 69% of their GDP. This field gives rise to more job opportunities for international students after graduation. Germany is also known for its modern cars, automobile engineering courses and activities.

Why choose UK?

The UK is popular for international education and is particularly fond of Indian students. The ease of communication and the world-renowned education system make this country of royals a suitable choice. Britain’s diverse community and cultural exchange is credited with bringing in international students and welcoming them to the campuses of top universities. Furthermore, London, being one of the most important global financial centres, makes the UK an ideal choice for international students looking for corporate exposure.

international student

Along with knowing Germany vs UK, international student life has been told-


In 2021, 3.30 million international students were enrolled in Germany’s top universities. Research conducted by the ICEF monitor also shows that the numbers have seen an increase despite the pandemic. The growing number can be attributed to the many international students already in Germany opting for advanced education in this country.


When it comes to the number of international students in the Germany vs UK race, the UK certainly dominates. According to TCL Global, more than 5 million international students have enrolled in top UK universities. Higher education enrolled for. Among these students, the number of Indian and Chinese students is more.

popular courses

Along with knowing Germany vs UK, the popular courses of both the countries are given below-


Germany is popular with engineering, especially automotive engineering students, as it is the fourth largest producer of automobiles in the world. Therefore, the most popular areas of study are-


From the choice of international students, these are the most popular courses to study in UK-

  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • law
  • computer science
  • design study
  • preclinical medicine
  • sports and exercise therapy
  • business administration
  • management studies

top universities

When it comes to top universities in Germany vs UK, let’s compare them with the rankings provided by QS World University Rankings 2023.


According to the QS World University Rankings, only 3 universities in Germany made it to the top 100 universities globally. The universities and rankings are given below-

university in germany   QS World University Ranking 2023
Technical University of Munich  49
Carlos University Heidelberg Ruprecht  63
Ludwig-Maximilians University Münche    64

Carlos University Heidelberg Ruprecht either Heidelberg University Offers courses in German language only.


17 UK universities have made it to the top 100 universities globally, and 3 have also made it to the top 10 list. There are over 164 universities in the UK, and all of them have an advantage for international students as they teach in the English language.

The top universities and rankings are given below-

Universities in UK QS World University Ranking 2023
Oxford University 4
Cambridge University 2
Imperial College London 6
University College London 8
Edinburgh University 15
Manchester University 28
King’s College London 37
London School of Economics and Political Science 56
Warwick University 64
Bristol University 61
Glasgow University 81
University of Southampton 78
Durham University 92
Birmingham University 91
Santh Andrew University 96
Leeds University 86
Sheffield University 96

cost of living

Some universities in Germany offer low cost or even free education. Hence the marks given below are based on the average expenditure of the general students. Let us compare the cost of living in Germany and UK with the help of the table given below-

types of expenses  Germany (Euro) UK (GBP)
tuition fees 30 thousand (INR 25.50 lakh) every year 27 thousand (INR 27 lakh) / every year
Accomodation 500 (INR 42,500) per month 500 (INR 50 thousand) per month
eat 80 (INR 6,800) per week 150-200 (INR 15-20 thousand) per month
Travel 70 (INR 5,950) per month 150-200 (INR 15-20 thousand) per month
utilities 700 (INR 59,500) per month 300 (INR 30 thousand) per month

student Life

A student spends only a few hours of his life in classes or universities. They want to experience the culture, nightlife and heritage of the country for the rest of their time. So Germany vs UK It is extremely important to consider student life before making a decision.


Germany is the melting pot of all European cultures. You will see Italian, French, Polish and many other international students in your class. Apart from this you will also find a large number of British, American and Russian. This diversity allows you to explore and network with people from all corners of the world. In addition, language barriers are not much present as Germans speak good English in Munich, Berlin and the larger cities of Germany. Germany is also famous for its historical monuments and sites like museums, lakes, festivals which are perfect for a good day trip.


While Germany makes you feel like a traveller, the UK makes you feel like home. The reason for this is the huge Indian community present in the country. In addition, the UK is a major English speaking country, making it easy for Indian students to accommodate. Compared to Germany, a student in the UK is more comfortable adjusting due to the language, work culture, welcoming environment and cultural exchange.

List of Famous Scholarships

Along with knowing Germany vs UK, the scholarships offered in both the countries are given below-


Some of the famous scholarships offered to international students in Germany are mentioned below-

  • Semester Scholarships for Students of Indian Institutes of Management (IIM)
  • IIT Master Sandwich Scholarships
  • Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in the Field of Architecture
  • Development-Related Postgraduate Courses(EPOS)
  • Bayer Science & Education Foundation: Otto Bayer Scholarships
  • Friedrich Ebert Foundation: Scholarship for International Students


UK universities offer scholarships to their international students to study. Some of the scholarship names are given below-

  • Sir Ratan Tata Fellowships for South Asian Students at LSE
  • Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) Scholarships
  • British Council GREAT scholarships for Indian Students
  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  • Chevening Scholarships for Indian and International Students
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship


Which country is most expensive to study in, UK or Germany?

Studying in the UK is more expensive than in Germany.

Which is the best European country for higher education?

The best European country for higher education for non-EU students is Germany. Next comes the United Kingdom and then France.

Is a German degree valid in the UK?

Of course, German degrees are recognized not only in the UK but around the world.

Hope you liked this blog Germany vs UK, and it helped you to decide for yourself. If you want to study in Germany or UK, you can start todayLeverage Edufrom the experts of1800 572 000Contact us to book a free 30 minute session today and take your step towards making your interest your career.

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