How to do MBBS in Hungary?

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As one of the oldest European countries, Hungary is popular for its various heritage sites and the world’s second largest thermal lake, Lake Héviz. The ‘Stipendium Hungaricum’ which sounds like a chant from the ‘Harry Potter’ series is actually a Hungarian scholarship awarded to international students looking for opportunities to study in Hungary. Hungarian universities have made massive strides in medicine, even being the home country of renowned Hungarian biochemist and inventor of vitamin C, Albert Szent-György, and many other notable Nobel laureates. quality education Along with standards, Hungary is known for its low cost of living and reasonable educational fees. Let us know in detail in this blog how to do MBBS in Hungary.

About MBBS in Hungary

in Hungary, MBBS Bachelors degree in medicine is 6 years and it is often referred as MD degree which is a graduate program in medicine. Over 12 semesters, the focus of this course is on laying the foundation for basic knowledge of medical science, followed by theoretical study and training in university clinical departments as well as teaching hospitals. In addition, diverse research possibilities that are accessible to students who can work in laboratories under the full guidance of the university’s faculty.

Why do MBBS in Hungary?

Hungary is fast emerging as an educational hotspot for those striving for higher education. Below are some important reasons why doing MBBS in Hungary is a good idea-

  • Affordable Tuition Fees: Hungary is considered among the European countries where tuition fees are low and affordable. Even with the top Hungarian medical universities, the tuition fee ranges from HUF 41.69-50.04 Lakh (INR 9.93-11.91 Lakh) depending on the university.
  • Simple Admission Process and Education Visa Procurement: When applying to medical universities to study MBBS in Hungary, there are some basic requirements that have to be met:
    • an entrance examination in which chemistry, English, the biology and includes MCQs in various subjects like Medical English.
    • organized by the university Interview,
    • When it comes to education visa, you will need a D-5 student visa, which can be applied for at the Hungarian Embassy, ​​the process takes approximately 60 working days.
  • Courses taught in English: Another good reason to study in Hungary is that you will be studying general medicine in English.
  • Low Housing Cost: Accommodation cost in Hungary is quite affordable, with a month in popular cities like Budapest or even smaller Hungarian towns taking an amount of HUF 1.66-2.08 Lakh (INR 39,569-49,581). This low cost of living is an attractive feature to many.
  • EU recognized degrees: Being a European country, the medical degrees of Hungarian universities are affiliated to the European Union and are highly regarded by the WHO. In addition, a degree accredited by the European Union will help students residing anywhere in Europe to pursue higher studies or practice medicine.

MBBS Specialization in Hungary

Below are the MBBS specializations in Hungary-

  • Masters in General Medicine
  • Masters in Pharmacy
  • Master in Dental

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Top Medical Universities in Hungary for MBBS

With their remarkable excellence in medical science, these universities are the top medical universities in Hungary where you can get admission for MBBS degree-

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Eligibility to do MBBS in Hungary

The eligibility criteria required to apply for Bachelors program in Medicine is-

  • Applicant’s age should be minimum 17 years and should have passed 10+2 with minimum 50% marks.
  • Must have entrance test scores of MCQ questions from Chemistry, Medical English, English and Biology.
  • Hungarian universities have their own entrance exams for medical programs, which the applicant needs to qualify for for successful admission. It is a two and a half hour written test consisting of MCQs from Medical English, English, Chemistry and Biology. Then, for the oral aspect of this test, university professors will select applicants based on medical subjects. Interview take.
  • english language test like IELTS, TOEFL Points are required.

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How to apply for MBBS in Hungary?

Below is the application process for MBBS in Hungary-

  • To apply, students have to visit the official website of the university. To simplify the application process Leverage Edu from experts 1800 572 000 You can contact by calling.
  • Students need to register themselves first by visiting the website.
  • After registering they get a login ID and password. through which they login.
  • After logging in, they have to fill the form and submit the required documents along with it.
  • Finally the form has to be submitted along with the fee.
  • Some universities conduct entrance exams and accept applications on the basis of this.
  • The Medicine course in Hungary taught in English starts in September each year, so students should check admission availability in advance.

Required Documents

Below are the documents required for MBBS course in Hungary-

  • academic transcription
  • latest passport size photo
  • A medical health certificate to show that you are physically and mentally fit
  • migration certificate
  • eligibility certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • SOP
  • financial details
  • In English CV
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate

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How much does it cost to study medicine in Hungary?

The average tuition fee for a Bachelors level medical program, i.e. in Hungary can be around HUF 41.95-62.92 Lakh (INR 10-15 Lakh) for MBBS and approx HUF 43.95-53.69 Lakh (INR 10.47-12.72 Lakh) for MD And the cost of other courses may vary according to the university. When it comes to living in Hungary as an international student, you will get HUF 2.65 Lakh per month [INR 63,251 लगभग] You should prepare a student budget and keep some extra finance with you as the budget can be different according to the city in which you are studying.

cost of living

The cost of living in Hungary depends on the lifestyle of the students, below are the common cost of living per month-

expenses Debrecen (Average Cost/HUF) Sajed (Average Cost/HUF)
Accomodation 1.17 Lakh (INR 27,767) 1.01 Lakh (INR 23,969)
living expense 1.55 Lakh (INR 36,785) 1.58 Lakh (INR 37,497)
Other expenses 19,387 (INR 4,601) 22,926 (INR 5,440)


There are some scholarships for international students studying in Hungary, which help them below is a list of them-

  • Federal Government Scholarship Awards Nigeria 2022-2023 – Federal Government Scholarship Awards Nigeria 2022-2023 is open to students interested in a Masters. Offers scholarships to Bachelors students in Russia, Morocco, Hungary, China, Serbia, Romania.
  • Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarships at University of Debrecen, Hungary 2022-23 – This scholarship is for students interested in Masters PhD, Bachelors courses in Hungary.
  • Stipendium Hungaricum Fully Funded Scholarships – From Government of Hungary – for students interested in Bachelors, Masters, PhD in Hungary from the Government of Hungary.

job and salary

The job profiles and salary available after completing MBBS in Hungary are given below-

job annual salary ,HUF,
Doctor 2-2.5 Crore (INR 48-48.54 Lakh)
dermatologist 2.88-2.92 Crore (INR 69-69.51 Lakh)
dentist 1.07-1.14 Crore (INR 26.50-27.09 Lakh)
clinical psychologist 84-84.80 Lakh (INR 19.40-20.11 Lakh)


Is Hungary good for MBBS?

offers medical studies at European standard and medical studies in Hungary are considered to be of the highest quality, so MBBS in Hungary is a very good option.

What are the benefits of studying MBBS in Hungary?

The best advantage of studying MBBS in Hungary is the very low cost of living and studying in Hungary.

How good is it to get an MBBS degree from Hungary?

The MBBS degree in Hungary is not only recognized as a medical degree across Europe, but it is also accepted by the Indian Medical Council (IMC).

Hope this blog gives you information about how to do MBBS in Hungary. If you also want to do MBBS in Hungary then today Leverage Edufrom the experts of1800 572 000Call us and book a free 30-minute session today.

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