How to Make YouTube Shorts Videos

YouTube Shorts You all must know about it. But do you know how to make a video in YouTube Shorts? If not, then you must read this article of today, because today I am going to provide information about this subject to you people.

Although making a video on YouTube Shorts is very easy, but there are some of you who do not know that How to make video on YouTube Shorts, In such a situation, today’s article is going to be very beneficial for those people. So without delay let’s start.

How To Make YouTube Shorts Videos?

youtube shorts video kaise banaye

Let us know what are the steps by which you can make shorts videos on your YouTube App.

1, First of all open your phone and then launch YouTube app, Just note that you should have the latest version of YouTube on your phone, for which you Play Store I can also check it.

2, Now tap on the Plus button which is on the center on the bottom bar in the app. Then select Create a short there.

3, Now you can start your video and once you have recorded it then you can also do the necessary editing in it if you want. Not only this, you can change the speed, add music or Clip to trim Can also do accordingly.

4, Once you feel that you have recorded the video correctly, then you can upload it to your channel.

What can you do with Shorts Camera?

To make Shorts Video, you first need access to Shorts Camera. At the same time, you also get many editing tools, so that you can combine multiple videos together into a string, speed controls and timers, and there Add music to Video Clips can do.

How to make a video on YouTube Shorts if you do not have access to Shorts Camera?

if you don’t have access Shorts camera Of course, you can still upload Mehjuda vertical videos which are less than 60 seconds. For this you have to use hashtag #Shorts that too in the title or description of the videos.

But soon YouTube is testing a section in which you will see highlighting videos on the YouTube homepage, which you have created through Shorts camera. In this you will also see all those vertical videos which are up to 60 seconds.

So if you Using YouTube Shorts Haven’t done it yet, then from now on you should start uploading videos on Shorts if you are interested.

How to make YouTube Shorts video

This was some similar information so that you can create shorts videos on your YouTube App and share with your audience. To know more such YouTube-related tips and tricks, keep following this blog of ours.

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