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Resume means biographical data. It contains all your factual data based on usage. They mention your objectives, qualifications, skills, hobbies, work experience, and in case of personal resume, your details like marital status, family background etc. Its primary purpose is to provide your biological information and some essential insights about you. It is different from CV. Here, in this blog know how to create a resume.

What is Resume?

Before knowing how to make a resume, know that a resume is a document that contains your personal information. That is, your name, your date of birth, your gender, religion, address etc. That is, bio-data can be of any person whether he is educated or not. Whether he is applying for the job or not. It is generally demanded from freshers. For example, there are many jobs in which it is not necessary to be educated. Resume is asked for such a job or sometimes there is a need other than the job where personal information is sought, it is used there. In addition, some companies cv or resume Instead of asking for resume.

type of resume

When we talk about resume, we can essentially diversify it according to the type of use, your profession and your experiences. Its different types are mentioned below.


  • for job
  • for government job
  • for teachers
  • for freshers
  • creative


  • for girls wedding
  • for boys wedding

How to Create and Format a Professional Resume

To know how to create a resume, it is also necessary to know its format. A professional resume is one that presents all your professional details and usually job, InterviewIt is needed for schools, colleges etc. It can be of many types and can contain information about different things.


The format of such resume is mentioned below. You can watch it here:

  • purpose: This section describes you in a line or two. Here, you should mention your current skills and how you will use them to achieve your future goals.
  • personal details: This section requires you to add your date of birth, contact details, location, email address and sometimes, LinkedIn address.
  • educational background: Your schooling in an educational background ranges from class 10th to your latest qualification. In this section, you have to write about the name of your school/university, type of degree and marks obtained.
  • Job Experience: Here, you mention any of your job experience. This is only valid for experienced people. It would help if you mentioned the name of your company and the length of service you are serving. You can also write about the major responsibilities you have played.
  • Certificates and Internships: Here, you mention any certification or internship experience that you have. This section is more important for those who have no job experience.
  • Hobbies and Skills: You can specify your interest if you wish, however, there are some specific hard skills and soft skills that every company or organization looks for in their desired employee/student. You should make sure that you have those skills and mention them in this section.

resume for job

A resume can also be called a resume for a job. Interview It should be used at the time of filing and applying for jobs. Whereas the same format is followed in the resume for a job. Because this is for a professional, there are certain sections you may want to add or omit depending on your job application.


The format is mentioned below. It should include the following:

  • purpose
  • personal details
  • educational background
  • work experience
  • Certificates and Internships
  • hobbies and skills
  • volunteer experience

Some companies have a special requirement for their resume. These may include personal information or professional information such as:

  1. professional references
  2. educational context
  3. Current Location
  4. favorite place
  5. nationality
  6. Current CTC
  7. Expected CTC
  8. might
  9. Weaknesses

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resume for government job

you can imagine that government jobs The resume should be same as for the personal appointment. But there are specific rules and regulations that are followed by every type of government department. Generally, private job companies may or may not accept a simple resume with less details, but for a government job your resume should be detailed.


Some government jobs also mention their own format. Essentially for a government job, it should include the following:

  • purpose
  • personal details
  • educational background
  • Job Experience- Your job experience should be in detail. You should mention your major responsibilities here.
  • The following sections are not as important in government job resumes so you can give them a short space: Certificates and Internships, Hobbies and Skills, Volunteer Experience.

resume for teachers

To know how to make a resume, it is important to know what is a teacher’s resume. Teachers’ bio-data is a must for applications in schools and colleges. A resume for teachers should contain all of their experience and qualifications that are appropriate for the job they are applying for. For example: If a teacher is applying for the post of Physics teacher, but they have shared their experience in the subject of psychology, then it will not be of any use.


The format of the resume for teachers should include the following:

  • purpose
  • personal details
  • Educational Background: Here, you should mention your degree related to the course you are planning to teach. The specific needs of different institutions from their teachers and educational background are most important to them.
  • Job Experience: Here, you have to write your job experience in the same field in which you are looking for teacher position.
  • Research paper: This is one of the most useful parts of a teacher’s resume. In this you can include research papers written by you for various institutions. It strengthens your position as a teacher.

resume for freshers

To know how to make a resume, it is important to know what is the resume of freshers. Resume for freshers is for those who have done fresh bachelors or applied for job as fresher. There is no job experience in resume for freshers, so you should emphasize on skills and abilities.


The format of resume for freshers should be as follows:

  • purpose: This is a section where you need to mention your potential career plans. You can adapt your job objective as per your desired position.
  • educational qualification: This is extremely important for freshers as you have no experience to show.
  • Skills: It is necessary for any freshers to add their skills while making their resume because their skills make their resume attractive.
  • an internship: This is closest to your work experience as a fresher. Mention your role and key responsibilities that you experienced during the internship.

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creative resume

A creative resume is essentially a new and trendy type that uses multiple colors, trendy designs and photographs. A creative resume can usually work for certain areas such as:

personal resume

How to Create a Resume It is necessary to know what is a personal resume. A personal resume refers to a resume for the personal details of an individual. These details are usually not needed for professional reasons but for personal work like marriage. Personal resume includes details about parents and family members. The personal resume may also include blood group and disability status.

resume for marriage

Marriage resume is quite common for arranged marriages in India. They are also called matrimonial resume. It is common practice for bachelors to become householders in Hindu marriages. Most people exchange resumes of girls and boys in search of marriage.

marriage resume format for women

Such a document for girls highlights certain personal traits and her needs from a potential mate. The format of a girl’s resume is different from a professional resume as it is for the purpose of marriage.

  • personal details: Name, Date of Birth, Parents Name, Family Details, Educational Background, Profession, Caste.
  • attendance report: Height, weight, hair color and eye color, complexion and facial features
  • Contact Details: phone number, email address, mailing address
  • Life goal: Career Plan, Family Plan, Settlement Plan
  • lifestyle: Hobbies, Interests and Skills
  • religious opinion and belief
  • Habit of smoking and drinking, if any.
  • Groom’s Choice and Expectations from the Groom

marriage resume format for men

Such a document for boys has the same role as that of a girl. However, some clauses differ, depending on traditional marriage roles.

  • personal details: Name, date of birth, name of parents, family details, educational background, profession and current salary, caste.
  • attendance report: Height, weight, hair color and eye color, complexion and facial features
  • Contact Details: phone number, email address, mailing address
  • Life goal: Career Plan, Family Plan, Settlement Plan
  • lifestyle: Hobbies, Interests and Skills
  • religious opinion and belief
  • Habit of smoking and drinking, if any.
  • Bride’s Choices and Expectations from the Bride


Why is Resume required?

Resume conveys personal information of any person. It is necessary for any person. If the person goes for any job or business then he has to give his resume. Because through this resume the person shows himself, his skills, experience.

Can GPA also be mentioned in the resume?

yes in resume GPA Can be marked, but must be marked. The meaning of Resume is to show complete personal information of the person.

Would it be appropriate to indicate voluntary experience in the resume as well?

Yes, any voluntary experience can also be indicated in the resume.

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