Students eager to study abroad again for a semester or more

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Located in Michigan, USA Grand Valley State University has revealed that its students want to re-study a semester or more anywhere in the world after COVID.

The latest figures from the university show that more than 110 students are preparing to study abroad, compared to less than 40 who completed international programs last year.

Rebecca Morrissey, the university’s Director of Study Abroad and International Partnerships, said: “We are very excited to see the Study Abroad program resume in many parts of the world.

Dr Per Nilsson, a member of the Swedish Higher Education Institutions Group, Umiya University Member, said that Sweden is witnessing a growth in the number of students wishing to study Abroad.

Dr Nilsson also said that COVID has also had an impact on exchange students coming for a semester. We lost almost 50 per cent of all the exchange students who came during COVID, but now things seem to be getting back to normal.

Although the numbers are rising, Dr. Nilsson says it may take years to return to earlier levels.

The UAE invests heavily in sending students abroad for studies. The latest reported figures indicate that the number is around 15,000 students per year.

According to a study published in May 2022, the number of international students applying to study in the UK has dropped by 11-14 percent due to the pandemic, which is one of the top five international education destinations in the world. Is.

Data from the UK Higher Education Statistics Agency show that there was a modest growth in international student enrollment in the 2020-2021 academic year, although there were many students who were studying online.

According to Dr Senthil Nathan, co-founder and managing director of Edu Alliance, a higher education consultant in Abu Dhabi and Bloomington, the 2022-2023 academic year saw fewer applications from EU countries for the UK.

Dr Nathan said many UK universities are reporting an increase in applications from China, India, Nigeria and other countries.

Ann Starkey, founder of AS Careers, a UK consultancy, has seen a similar picture with regard to international students coming to the UK. Ann Starkey went on to say that it was affected 2 years ago but now it is returning to normal.

Dr Nathan said Canada, one of the top five countries in terms of education, has increased its share in the international higher education market during the pandemic.

At the same time, rebuilding the number of foreign student enrollments in Australia is also likely to take time. Australia saw annual enrollment of foreign students in higher education drop by up to a quarter in 2020 and 2021.

The US, the largest market for international higher education, experienced a 45.6 percent decline in the number of new international student enrollments between 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, but the numbers have increased since then. According to a report, they have increased by 68 percent.

Dr Nathan said, “All the evidence points to a renewed interest among students to go abroad for higher education. In the US, the Institute of International Education surveyed US universities in 2021, and nearly 50 percent of the institutions reported the fall. [autumn] Planned for individual study abroad.

Dr Nathan further said that the number of students studying abroad is increasing for the period of the coming Fall Season 2022.

University and private sector student accommodation providers depend on international students. After several years of increasing revenue, these institutions were badly hit by the pandemic and are still experiencing difficulties.

In the US, the revenues of universities have declined by an estimated $10 billion (INR 80 thousand crore) due to the decline in international student numbers.

According to Dr Nathan, Indian students’ interest in going abroad is again returning to its peak, but Chinese students, whose government had taken a cautious approach about opening their country’s borders, continue to study in large numbers as before. Not traveling abroad for

Dr Nathan suggested that India may overtake China in sending students abroad, while educational institutions are increasingly interested in other markets such as Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Just as COVID-19 has changed the way people work, remote employment and working from home are now a normal part of many people’s lives, so Remote Study Abroad may be more and more established.

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