UK High Commission launches Priority Visa for Indian students

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Priority and super priority visas will soon be made available to Indian students traveling to the UK. This information was shared by UK social media channel ‘UK in India’ on Twitter. Sources said the demand for visa seekers would be high in the next few weeks.

Sources also suggested that students who want to study in the UK should apply for their visa at the earliest, as gathering the required documentation can take time.

In the second week of August this year, the UK’s High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis, apologized to Indian nationals for the delay in visas. At the same time, he also suggested that people should buy their airline tickets only after obtaining a visa to avoid any additional fees.

Alex Ellis also said that the UK is expecting a large number of Indian students to take admission in colleges later this year. He also said that the High Commission is taking all possible measures to ensure timely delivery of visas.

Alex Ellis adds that we have also outlined the reasons for the delay. The unprecedented jump in demand for UK visas was due to the easing of COVID restrictions. At the same time, other international situations such as tensions in Russia and Ukraine were also the reason for the delay in this process.

Ellis continued, “As I know this is causing a lot of problems… I want to apologize to all who have been affected by this.”

The UK High Commission said it would provide more resources to address the issue, as well as train more people to address delays.

It was also told by the UK High Commission that the Priority Visa service is open and easy for all.

Alice tweeted the video and wrote that we want to see a large number of Indian students coming to the UK this year and we will do everything possible to ensure that you get your visa on time.

Earlier many Indian travelers had to face huge losses as they made the mistake of booking their air travel tickets and hotel accommodation before getting their visa. Due to the delay in booking the air travel ticket, he had to pay a huge amount in the cancellation fee.

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