US consulate resolves delay in student visa

The US Consulate in Mumbai has assured that a large proportion of student visa applicants will be able to interview for the visa in time.

Indian students have expressed concern over the delay in US visas. The US State Department is taking steps to address this concern of the students. Because the United States is committed to making travel convenient for both nonimmigrant and immigrant travelers.

The US has blamed COVID-19 for the delay in visa processing, leading to a huge backlog in visa applications.

Jessica Doyle, acting spokesperson for the US Consulate General in Mumbai, said the US Embassy and Consulate have set aside most visa appointments for students for June, July and August. To make the most of this convenient application stream, relaxation in interview has been provided.

The US Consulate said in a statement that “in order to reduce visa wait times and backlogs for millions of individuals, including students, tourists, workers, etc., the US government is reportedly onboarding new employees due to the consular staffing gap created by the pandemic.” And giving training. The State Department has more than doubled the consular hiring of US officers this fiscal year compared to last year, and newly trained personnel are being recruited into foreign consular adjudicator positions, including in India.

The department also informed that if there is an urgent, unforeseen situation such as someone’s demise, medical emergency, or school start date, the consular can help expedite your interview date.

However, the time it takes to process the visa varies depending on the availability of an appointment at a US consulate in different cities. This means students can obtain a visa with less waiting time by applying to a US consulate or embassy in another city with less waiting time.

While the New Delhi US Consulate showed a wait time of 471 days for student visa appointments, the Mumbai US Consulate showed a wait time of only 10 days. The wait time at Hyderabad is 479 days and for Kolkata the wait time is only 2 days. Whereas for Chennai, the wait time shown is 8 days.

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