What are the Roles of Study Abroad Consultant?

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every college student study abroad of happens. However, due to the complex nature of the admission process of study abroad, hundreds of Study Abroad Consultants have started appearing all over the country. Study Abroad Consultant study abroad From choosing the right course to clearing every doubt of the students to clearing the required exam or passing the required exam, we simplify the process. Study Abroad Consultant has the necessary knowledge to help you solve the admission process of your selected course while taking care of other essential requirements. In this blog you will learn about the Roles of Study Abroad Consultant.

Roles of Study Abroad Consultant

With scores of students aiming to pursue higher education abroad, increasing competition is quite prevalent. Also, choosing the right study destination as well as academic program and university can be a daunting process. Study Abroad Consultants play a vital role in helping students find out the best options available to them as per their interests, educational background as well as preferences. Here are the Roles of Study Abroad Consultant, which are main:

  • They help students to locate suitable academic programs according to your area of ​​interest. Apart from this, they also guide them in selecting the right course and universities helping in cost, scholarship as well as other factors.
  • Once you have selected a course and university, a study abroad advisor will provide you with key details about admission as well as eligibility and admission requirements which include fee structure, estimated expenses, etc.
  • They will help you find financial aid options like educational loans and scholarships.
  • They will guide you through the application process of your chosen course and university and also help you submit an impressive application before the admission deadline ends.
  • Study Abroad Consultants have expert knowledge of visa procedures of different countries. they apply for the visa, interview preparation As well as assisting students in submitting the required documents and paperwork for visa applications.

How to choose the right Study Abroad Consultant?

Now that you are familiar with the roles of Study Abroad Consultant, it is also important to know how to choose the right Study Abroad Consultant which is explained here. Finding the ideal study abroad advisor can be difficult, but you can use these 4 parameters to guide your search:

  • Find out which Study Abroad consultants offer all the services you want, and make sure the one you choose has a quick response time.
  • In addition, study abroad advisors should be available in the India you choose.
  • Verify if they are worth the money you are paying them to get the job done.
  • See what his former and current students are saying. You may have a good understanding of the consulting firm they use.

How to become a Study Abroad Consultant?

After knowing the roles of Study Abroad Consultant, know how to become a Study Abroad Consultant from the points given below:

  • Complete your education to become a Study Abroad Consultant. The minimum requirement is to have a Bachelor’s degree in the teaching field of your choice.
  • Most consultancy firms prefer to hire candidates with a master’s or PhD degree. So get higher education or get relevant experience.
  • Focus on one area of ​​expertise. To be a successful consultant it is necessary to focus on one area of ​​expertise.
  • Understand the policies of educational institutions.
  • Join a professional association now. It also adds to your resume and can help you find better career opportunities.
  • To become a Study Abroad Consultant communication skillsDevelop leadership skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills etc.

Why choose Leverage Edu?

A Unique Study Abroad Admission Services Portal Making a Renowned Name in the EdTech Landscape Leverage Edu We believe that the goal of education counseling is accomplished only when students get the best possible education, regardless of limitations and financial constraints. With our unique Student First Approach, Leverage Edu counselors, mentors and head coaches guide students in finding the best course and university, as well as sorting out the admissions process and submitting an impressive application to their chosen university. We help students connect with a mentor in their field who helps them with appropriate curriculum, career prospects and the admission process.

psychometric assessment

When a student reaches out to a Leverage Edu counselor, we take their questions, interests and career preferences. Our counselors conduct a psychometric test that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, based on which you will have an idea of ​​how to choose the right career path.

Choosing a suitable course and university

With a wide variety of courses offered in almost every field of study, it is normal to be confused about the course that suits your career goals. We connect students with mentors in their chosen field of study to help guide them to the best. With the help of latest technology ie AI Course Finder The mentor will help you choose the right university and course according to your area of ​​interest.

Standardized Test Preparation

IELTS, GMAT, GRE And SAT Interactive online classes for standardized and language proficiency tests such as Leverage Live It helps the candidates studying abroad to get the required score to land in the university of their dreams. Our standardized test offering includes individual one on one class sessions by certified best in class faculty, extensive study material, special doubt sessions, mock tests, etc. to guide students in achieving their dream scores.

admission process

Another important role in the Roles of Study Abroad Consultant is to assist the students during the admission process. At Leverage Edu, our advisors assist you with the admissions process of your chosen university to ensure that you submit an impressive application and are successfully shortlisted.


The admissions experts at Leverage Edu are there to highlight the key features of your candidature and ensure that your application stands out from others. Statement of Purpose (SOP), resume, Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Assist in preparing draft etc.

education loan

study abroad Financial constraints can prove to be a hindrance in realizing your dream of doing business. Here we have a separate department ie Leverage Finance Which helps you in reducing the financial burden. Through our exclusive tie-ups with leading names in the banking industry like ICICI, Axis, HDFC Credentials etc., we will assist you in availing educational loans at comparatively lower rates in the market and Leverage Edu Scholarship It will also help you to target.


As well as applying to the university, you must also ensure that you have sent your visa application on time. Our admissions experts provide their guidance in helping students during the visa application process for the country they plan to study in.


What is an Educational Counselor?

An Educational Counselor plays a vital role in guiding the students in their educational journey, helping them to choose the right stream, choosing the right course and university as well as making the right choice towards their dream career. Help is available.

What is the role of Educational Counselor?

Along with helping a student through their educational journey and towards fulfilling their career aspirations, an educational counselor helps the student develop important work skills as well as improve their organizational and time management skills. assists in. They also identify issues that may hinder student performance, achievement as well as personality development and provide advice on how to deal with those issues effectively.

What are the types of counseling?

There are many types of counseling, but those in the educational field are:
– Guidance and consultation

What does an Educational Counselor do?

Educational counselors help you make decisions at the most important juncture of your career besides helping you feel that you are the best. It is a counselor who understands your complex emotions and helps you channelize your thoughts in a direction where you are able to make life changing decisions.

Hope you have come to know about the Roles of Study Abroad Consultant. If you want to study abroad and Leverage Edu If you want to take help of Study Abroad Consultant then book free 30 minutes session by calling on 1800572000 and get better guidance.

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