What is Course Finder and know how to use it?

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Are you study abroad Planning to start, but confused about where to start? So you start it by choosing the right course. Now the question comes that how and from where to choose the right course, then Leverage Edu is exclusive for you. AI Course Finder We have come up with the tool, so that you can find the best course according to your interest. Read this blog in its entirety to know more about our AI Course Finder.

What is Course Finder?

course finder artifical Intelligence It is a tool created by . It helps the students to choose the right course as per their interest. There are thousands of universities across the world, which offer many courses, but the dilemma is to choose the right course. Your AI Course Finder helps in this. It offers courses based on the profile and educational background of the students.

How is Course Finder useful?

Also important is the question of how the Course Finder is useful. It often happens to us that we are interested in fine art, but due to lack of proper guidance, we go into commerce or science field. In such a situation, Course Finder guides you properly and provides you options for all those courses related to Fine Art in which you can make a good career. It also saves our time as all the courses are available here on a single platform.

How to use Leverage Edu AI Course Finder?

There are many platforms online on which you can access the Course Finder tool. To learn more about how this works, we take the example of Leverage Edu’s AI Course Finder and explain it in detail below:

Step 1. Add Your Requirements

In order to determine the best university and right course for you, you need to fill in the following data:

course finder

Step 2: Select study destination

Students may have pre-set preferences specific to the countries they wish to study in:

course finder

Step 3: Select the level of education

Leverage Edu Course Finder asks you whether you want to pursue Bachelor’s degree, Master’s or MBA course.

course finder

Step 4: Add your highest education level

Fill in your higher studies information. For example, Graduation degree requires Grade 12 or Diploma, Bachelors degree, Bachelors Diploma, Masters degree requires PG Diploma.

course finder

Step 5: Add Work Experience

This section in Leverage Edu Course Finder is exclusively for MBA. An MBA aspirant planning to study abroad requires a minimum level of work experience. If you do not have work experience or the minimum level of work experience is less than the eligibility criteria for MBA, Course Finder tells you that you should look at other degree courses as well.

Step 6: Add Expected or Achieved Percentage

Enter your qualifying exam percentage in the Course Finder to choose courses at the highest level of your education. This input helps AI-powered tools build your academic profile.

Step 7: Choose Your Major

There are various fields of study in which a student can specialize. It provides a list of all these fields like: Management, Engineering, law, Finance And banking, architecture, Humanities And social science e.t.c. AI Course Finder will provide you with universities that offer that subject.

course finder

Step 8: Fill Your Preferred English Language Test

For study abroad at most universities english proficiency test is an essential qualification. There are many language tests to test English proficiency, so you will need to fill in the course finder about which test scores you are going to submit. English Proficiency Test Mainly  IELTS, TOEFL And PTE Huh . If you have taken any of the English Proficiency Tests, in that case you will need to submit your score on an AI-based tool.

course finder

Step 9: Enter Academic Test Score

Depending on the course you wish to study, you will be required to fill in the details of the academic tests. For example, students for an undergraduate degree ACT,SAT For Masters Degree and MBA GRE,GMAT Score must be submitted. Universities filter student applications on the basis of above academic test scores. Leverage Edu Course Finder will help you to find the universities in which you can take admission based on your score.

course finder

other options

In addition to the above, there are some other information or questions that you may be asked in the Course Finder:

  • From which university did you do your graduation?
  • Do you have internship/fellowship/work experience in your area of ​​interest? Months of experience (if applicable)
  • Choose your most relevant level of leadership in any extracurricular activity?
  • Do you have experience of working in an NGO or equivalent organization? How much experience do you have (if applicable)
  • Have you published a research paper?

Note: Internships, fellowships and work experience can be a bonus point in your profile when applying to universities abroad.

How does AI process course finder data?

After filling in all the data in AI Course Finder, based on your profile, it gives you a list of all the universities you can take admission in, which are categorized as:

  • Dream Universities: Top level universities in which you can take admission.
  • Reach Universities: Based on your profile, you can take admission with the right criteria.
  • Safe Universities: Universities in which you can easily get offer letter.
course finder

Additional Filters in Course Finder

Once you’ve got all the results on the Course Finder, there are also a number of filters you can apply to understand your options even more. The filters are as follows:

  • Available Scholarships
  • Tuition Fee Budget
  • Course Duration

Hope Course Finder proves useful to you. Leverage Edu, apart from course finder, also provides facilities like finance, scholarships, UniConnect University Fair. If you also want to study abroad, then today 1800 572 000 by calling our Leverage Edu Book a free 30 minute session with the experts of They will help you to provide all the above mentioned facilities with proper guidance.

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