What is MA Media Governance?

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In the field of media and communication policy, media governance has been one of the most influential concepts in the last few years. In today’s article, we are going to discuss about MA Media Governance and provide you general information about its career options and syllabus.

What is Media Governance?

Media governance is a system of rules and regulations. In addition, it also includes the informal, social, idiosyncratic and economic processes that affect our media. Its purpose is to organize the media system according to the resolution of the media policy debate. This is a course designed to provide a policy oriented understanding of the media environment. ‘Media Governance’ is a two year post graduate course. The first such course worldwide has received tremendous appreciation from both the International Communication Association and the International Association of Mass Communication and Research.

Why do MA Media Governance?

The main reasons for choosing Media Governance can be as follows –

  • This course encourages the students to travel to different places from their own places. So that they get a chance to see the world from the perspective of a journalist.
  • In this you go to different areas and cover different incidents and stories.
  • You can apply for internships or jobs in newspapers, magazines, radio stations and production houses and public relation businesses to start your career after choosing this course. Having a wide variety of qualifications and sufficient knowledge will help you go a long way in this field.
  • Journalism and communication are both included in the list of top most lucrative big industries.
  • After doing MA Media Governance, students have options for their very bright future.

Required Skills

Media Governance students should have the following skills:

  • Media Governance students must possess creativity, ability and the ability to harness their potential to the best of their potential.
  • There is no one specific way to work in this field, so students should have the skills to use and develop their working style.
  • A journalist should have good writing skills so that people understand his point of view.
  • A journalist’s opinion should always be in the public interest.
  • They should have the ability to lead millions of people at once and act as the voice of the people.

MA Media Governance Syllabus

MA Media Governance Syllabus is given below which you can have a look at –

  • Emergence of the Nation State
  • Media and Secularization
  • Media and the Public Sphere
  • media pluralism
  • diversity of content
  • Diversity of Media Ownership
  • characterizing ideology
  • Consensus S Ideology
  • Consent S Hegemony
  • Analyzing Power
  • state and information
  • Propaganda and Public Information as Public Good
  • media imperialism
  • Sovereignty and Public Diplomacy
  • information balance
  • state and government
  • Mediated Politics
  • cyber democracy
  • Introduction to Media Economics
  • Enterprise and Industry in Media
  • Dynamics of the Media Market
  • Market Structure and Industry
  • material of media
  • Communication as Production and Exchange of Ideas
  • Modernity

Foreign Universities for MA Media Governance

Below is a list of some of the top foreign universities from where you can get a master’s degree in media governance.

University Fee (In Indian Rupees)
University of Windsor 11,13,500 – 16,48,200
Singapore Institute of Management 4,84,330 – 20,39,900
Northwest University 33,83,700 – 75,70,900
vancouver institute of media arts 12,36,300 – 19,42,700
University of Leeds 17,56,000 – 35,12,000
LaSalle College of Arts 9,47,600 – 12,52,900
Coventry University 8,62,600 – 17,19,100
University of Hertfordshire 12,10,500 – 17,13,500

Indian Universities for MA Media Governance

Some of the famous Indian Universities for Masters Degree in Media Governance and Media Management are as follows-

Institute course name
School of Contemporary Media, New Delhi Entertainment (Media & Communication)
Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi media governance
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi media studies
Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Media and Communication Studies


  • Applying candidates must have 50% marks in aggregate from recognized institute in any discipline during graduation.
  • Many colleges prefer the subject of Arts.
  • If you want to get a degree from a foreign university IELTS And TOEFL English Proficiency Test Scores.
  • To take admission in any university, students are required to fulfill its entry requirements.
  • For Master’s degree courses abroad GRE score is required.
  • Some universities abroad also require 2 years of work experience for a master’s degree, the duration of which may vary from university to university.

Application Process

The application process for MA Media Governance is as follows –

  • First of all, the student is required to choose a university for himself to get a degree in Media Governance.
  • The student should make sure about that university whether he fulfills his entry requirements for admission in the university or not.
  • Students find out about the entrance examinations of that university and make the right strategy for their preparation.
  • Students can apply online for admission in that university by finding the intake dates on its website or after getting in touch with Leverage Edu experts they will start your application process of multiple universities through common dashboard platform.
  • The next step is to have all your documents like SOPEssays, Certificates and LOR and required test scores like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT To collect and organize etc.
  • If you have yet IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, GRE If you haven’t prepared for exams etc., which is certainly an important factor in studying abroad, you Leverage Live can attend classes. These classes can prove to be an important factor in getting you a high score in your test.
  • After submitting your application and all the required documents, the Experts Accommodation, student visa And start the application process for scholarship/student loan.
  • Now is the time to wait for your offer letter which can take around 4-6 weeks or more. Accepting the offer letter and paying the required semester fee is the last step in your application process.

To find out about any university for you Leverage Edu You can take help of experts.

Required Documents

Some of the documents required for admission in MA Media Governance are as follows –

  • Proof of completion of Graduation degree from a recognized institute with sufficient marks.
  • All your completed degree certificates.
  • English language test score certificate like IELTS, TOEFL and Duolingo.
  • Other required documents like SOPEssays LOR, GRE, GMAT e.t.c.
  • All your ID cards.
  • Passport
  • My cv/resume
  •  student visa 

entrance exams

There are different types of entrance exams to get admission in different colleges, but there are some common exams which are mostly accepted by all the colleges or universities. Some of them are as follows:

foreign entrance exams

Indian Entrance Exams

  • BU MAT
  • RUET
  • GSAT

language requirement

Career Scope, Job Profiles and Salary

There are many career options available to candidates working as a journalist or in any other position in media and communication. The salary package for all the posts is very attractive and after completing the master’s degree, the chances of any candidate working in a good position increases even more.

Some of the major career scopes are as follows-

job profile Average Salary (INR)
public relations professional 6-7 lakhs
journalist 4-7 lakhs
content writer 3-5 lakhs
columnist 6-8 lakhs
radio jockeys 5-7 lakhs
legal affairs professional 7-10 lakhs
TV correspondent 6-8 lakhs


How many years does an MA degree in Media Governance take?

MA Media Governance degree is a post graduate program of 1-2 years duration based on semester system.

On what basis do I get admission in Master’s degree in Media Governance?

Any student can get admission on the basis of merit or also on the basis of entrance exam.

What is the average salary of any candidate after getting a master’s degree in Media Governance?

After getting a master’s degree, any candidate can easily get a salary package ranging from 3 lakh to 7 lakh rupees.

Hope you liked our article about Master Degree in Media Governance. If you want to get information about Media Governance or any other Media Studies course, then visit our Leverage Edu You can read other articles of You can consult our experts to choose a university or course for you. 1800 56 200 You can get suggestions by calling on 30 minutes free session.

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