What is the difference between CV and Resume?

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Have you ever wondered why some companies ask for resume and why others ask for CV? Are you using these two interchangeably? Many of us do not know CV aur Resume me antar. Most of the people are confused about the usage of both. While they are usually settled using the same document, the two certainly do not imply the same thing. Do you want to know whether there is really a CV aur Resume me antar? What are the basic differences between CV and Resume? So let us know in detail what is CV aur Resume me antar.

What is Resume?

Before we go ahead and understand the major difference between CV and resume, let us first understand what is resume. Resume is a French word and it says ‘to sum-up’. Therefore, it is a short document of 1-2 pages and contains basic information and work history in a nutshell. Its purpose is to make the candidate stand out from the competition. It is a highly customizable document and can be customized as per the needs and demands of a specific position. It doesn’t have to be ordered out of order and may not include your full professional experience.

resume format for ca freshers

CV Aur Resume Me Antar

What is written in the resume?

What is written in the resume, it is given below-

mobile number
E mail ID
Give your brief description about

Mention your career objectives and goals

educational qualifications
Mention all the degrees, certificates and diplomas you have earned along with the name of the institute and the year of passing.

Professional Experience
Internship, training, work experience or freelance project

professional skills
Highlight all your business skills and additional knowledge acquired through higher education or certain vocational courses.

language proficiency
Mention the languages ​​you know proficiently

Activities and achievements in addition to studies
The achievements you have made in your school and college life as well as in sports and other activities other than studies will be mentioned here.

hobbies and interests
Add your interests and things you like.

General Information
Mention the basic details related to you like, date of birth, nationality etc.

resume sample for medical representative

CV Aur Resume Me Antar

What is CV?

This Latin word meaning Curriculum Vitae means ‘way of life’, and it is an important document that can be written in many pages. Education and achievements are the most relevant areas mentioned in it. The difference between CV and resume comes from the fact that it is imperative to arrange the contents of a CV in proper order. A CV is simple, and does not change the order and location of achievements. CV does not come with page limit. This can be a two-page document or a ten-page document. CV length is based on an individual’s experience and is not modified according to the job description or purpose.

How to write CV?

Along with knowing CV aur Resume me antar, it is also necessary to know how to write a CV, which is as follows:

mobile number
E mail ID

All educational qualifications from High School to Masters/ Doctorate.
Mention the passing year and subjects with specialization, final grade, clubs and activities.

Work experience
Highlight past jobs and internships, including your role, company, responsibilities, duration, projects and year of employment.

positions of responsibility
Add up all key positions that may be in a professional setting, personal setting or community service.

Achievements and Extra-curricular Activities
Personal achievements and also professional which are not mentioned in the employment section.

Vocational course or training
Various skills that you have acquired through external training and courses.

Include certification courses from an independent organization. These may be related to certain software, training, or principles and practice of popular principles that are employed in the organisation.

Any fellowships you have previously taken.

Primarily for doctoral scholars; Mention any research publications to which you have contributed or worked on.

Awards and honors
Personal, professional and community achievements.

academic or professional reference

Hobbies and interests

CV Aur Resume Me Antar
CV Format

difference between CV and resume

Are CV and Resume the same? What is CV Aur Resume Me Antar? Well, CV shows a detailed overview and presentation of your academic and professional history and personal achievements and on the other hand, resume is a more concise version of your skills and qualifications, is shorter in length (1-2 pages) and varies According to years of experience.


CV aur Resume me antar is the first of the length as CV is longer whereas resume is short and precise. Ideally, a resume is summarized to between 1-2 pages, whereas there is no predetermined length of a CV, it can range from two to two-digit page counts. It is imperative to mention all the details in a concise and clear manner in the resume, whereas in the CV, you can describe your achievements in a little detail.


Another important difference in CV Aur Resume Me Antar is the layout or format of these documents as the CV includes a more detailed version of your academic records, professional experiences, awards and honors, achievements and more. The resume usually starts with the candidate’s contact information and career objective, which is further followed by the education and experience section. Lastly, there is a skills section and any section the candidate needs. On the other hand, CV does not have any fixed layout. However, it should include education, work experience, publications, skills, interests and awards. Lastly, you should have a detailed description of the relevant previous jobs and achievements you have held. It is the practice of designing a resume layout as per the requirements, whereas CV has a predetermined format which is widely accepted across the world.


The purpose of CV and resume is also different as resume is mainly used for academic use whereas CV is required in case of job and professional use. A resume is generally made for applying to various universities and institutes for academic purposes whereas CV is generally used to apply to various job positions.


Another major parameter to check the difference between CV and Resume is the proper order in which the information is mentioned. While preparing the CV it is necessary to follow the chronological sequence of events and then mention the achievements in that order. But there is no such order in the resume that has to be followed. Candidates are free to enlist their details in any manner they are comfortable with. You think the skills will help you customize your resume, you can mention those achievements and skills first on the list.

Basic difference between CV and resume

The basic difference between CV and Resume is explained below-

CV resume
Most emphasis is placed on skills. Emphasizes primarily on academic achievements.
Applying for opportunities in academia
to be used at the time.
This is relevant when the candidate is applying for an industry role in the public or private sector.
There is no limit in CV in terms of number of pages used, it will be according to experience and achievements. The resume should not be more than two pages long and should include all the important details.
It is mandatory to start with the name and educational background which leads to further details. In Resume, freshers can start with their personal details but after 1 or 2 years of industry experience candidates can directly start with technical knowledge of their field and then mention some educational background.

Where to use CV and Resume?

Even after discussing CV aur resume me antar, a question arises that when to use CV and when to use Resume? After understanding the distinctive features of resumes and CVs, it is important to understand that CVs are used when you are applying within academia. As a CV elaborates on one’s academic achievements and educational journey, it helps the educational institution to make an appropriate decision about your background. They can get an idea about your subject knowledge, management skills as well as other complementary tools and techniques that you are aware of. In contrast, it is always used when one is applying for a corporate job in the public or private sector. So if you want to apply for your dream job, now you will be able to make a clear choice between CV and Resume.

Some tips related to CV and resume

To understand CV aur Resume me antar better, know the tips below-

  • Write only those things in the resume about which you are confident. Keep the format of your resume as simple as possible.
  • Give information about your job experience starting from the most recent office, that is, in reverse order.
  • The resume should be in an active voice and include information about the experience in bullet text, not long paragraphs.
  • Avoid giving difficult words and false information in your resume.
  • Keep the CV as simple as possible and try to complete it in 2 A4 size papers. Give your mini profile in the first page.
  • Wherever possible, the CV should contain personal details such as phone number, address, name, email address and your presence in social media in short. Apart from this, you can also mention your goals and achievements in it in which you have been successful.


What does CV mean?

Answer: CV means curriculum vitae. In CV we write about our life but not everything like bio-data, in CV we write important things related to job and ourselves.

How to write CV?

Answer: It is important to talk about the achievement of what you have done in your CV. From this, the recruiter will know whether you have the skill or not which is required in the job or job.

What is written in the resume?

Answer: In Resume you have to write about your personal details, education, experience, skills, purpose, reference. Personal details: First of all, you have to write personal details in the resume.

What to write in skills in resume?

Answer: In this, you can give your full name, address, date of birth, contact number and email ID. Apart from this, there should not be any issue in the personal datum.

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