Guide to doing BSc Physics in UK

Are you curious about how the three laws of motion were created? Do you want to know how gravity works? The vast field of physics seeks to unravel the mysteries of the universe, from the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic elements. BSc Physics in the UK is an undergraduate course that focuses on this vast domain of studies. Recognized for offering the best education system in the world, pursuing a BSc Physics higher education in the UK opens up a range of opportunities. This blog explains in detail about BSc Physics in UK.

Why study BSc Physics in UK?

Students as well as their families wish that their children study in the UK, for this he gives them every facility. There are also many benefits to studying in the UK. The biggest advantage of studying from UK is that you get a post-study work visa for 2 years after your studies. Let us know some more benefits of doing BSc Physics in UK-

  • You can enjoy lots of options and flexibility in a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum covering all areas of BSc Physics in the UK.
  • of UK universities quality education and emphasizes on excellent education. Due to which the knowledge and experience of the students increases in the field related to the course. The biggest advantage of studying from the UK is that you get the opportunity to attend university events and lectures, professional conferences.
  • Discovery in the UK is at the forefront of global science and research, which enhances students’ practical skills.
  • 10 UK universities are in the top 50 in the world ranking.
  • There are over 395 universities and colleges in the UK, which offer over 50,000 degree courses. With this you can choose the course of your choice in the university of your choice.
  • The UK is multiculture so in the UK you will get the opportunity to understand many different cultures.


There are some skills that you must have while studying BSc Physics in UK-

  • problem solving skills
  • analytical approach
  • reasoning
  • Research and data analysis
  • practical skills
  • communication skills
  • team working
  • Time Management and Organization Skills


As you know the syllabus and subjects vary from one university to another. Here is the University of Manchester Syllabus-

  • Dynamics
  • Quantum Physics and Relativity
  • Year 1 Lab Work (All Years)
  • Introduction to Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Vibration & Wave
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • properties of matter
  • Mathematics 2
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • electromagnetism
  • Mathematics of Wave and Field
  • Introduction to Programming for Physicists
  • Year 2 Lab Work (All Years)
  • Fundamentals of Solid State Physics
  • Wave Optics
  • statistical machine
  • biodiversity
  • Atmospheric Physics and Weather
  • Introduction to Nuclear and Practical Physics
  • Physics Laboratory Work (All Years)
  • general physics skills
  • quantum computing
  • Comparative Plantology

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top universities

Below are the top universities for BSc Physics in UK-

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The eligibility criteria may vary from one university to another. The general qualification for BSc Physics in UK is as follows:

  • It is necessary to have 10+2 with PCM from a recognized university. It is necessary to have at least 50% more than the marks but it is demanded differently according to the university.
  • english language proficiency Tests like: IELTS,TOEFL,PTE scores of.
  • For Bachelors in any university SAT,ACT may also be requested.

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Application Process

The application process for admission to foreign universities is as follows:

  • The first step in your application process is to choose the right course for which you AI Course Finder You can shortlist your favorite courses with the help of
  • After getting in touch with the experts, they will initiate your application process across multiple universities through a common dashboard platform.
  • Next step all your documents like SOPEssay, Certificates and LOR and Required Test Scores like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT To collect and organize etc.
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  • After submitting your application and all required documents, Experts Accommodation, student visa And will start the application process for scholarship / student loan.
  • Now is the time to wait for your offer letter which can take around 4-6 weeks or more. Accepting the offer letter and paying the required semester fee is the last step in your application process.

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Required Documents

Some of the required documents are listed below-

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UK living expenses

The cost of living in the UK can vary depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Here are the typical living expenses-

type of expense Cost in GBP and INR
Visa Application Fee 348 GBP (INR 35,834)
Accommodation 500 GBP (INR 51,486) Monthly
transportation 150-200 GBP (INR 15,445-19,844) Monthly
Meal 150-200 GBP (INR 14,883-20,594) Monthly
clothing and leisure 50 GBP (INR 5,148) Monthly
telephone and mobile 50 GBP (INR 5,148) Monthly

To know the cost of living according to your living standards, you can Cost of Living Calculator You can use.


If you are studying BSc Physics in UK, then know about the scholarships given below-

  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Scotland Saltire Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Masters Scholarships
  • University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships
  • University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarships
  • Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships

Career Scope

BSc Physics graduates in the UK can pursue further studies such as Master’s and PhD degrees before starting their career or can apply for the following job profiles-

  • academic researcher
  • Astronomer
  • clinical scientist, medical physics
  • geophysicist
  • higher education lecturer
  • metrologist
  • nanotechnologist
  • Radiation Protection Practitioner
  • Research Scientist (Physical Sciences)
  • secondary school teacher
  • sound engineer
  • technical author
  • actuary
  • application developer
  • clinical technologist
  • data analyst
  • new clear engineer
  • operational researcher
  • patent attorney
  • software engineer
  • telecommunication researcher

Job Profile and Salary

Given below are some job profiles and annual salary for BSc Physics graduates in UK as per Payscale-

job profiles Estimated Annual Salary (GBP)
software engineer 24,000-53,000 (INR 22.13-48.90 Lakh)
data scientist 28,000-56,000 (INR 25.83-51.64 Lakh)
software developer 22,000-47,000 (INR 20.29-43.34 Lakh)
data analyst 21,000-43,000 (INR 19.37-39.65 Lakh)
senior software engineer 39,000-84000 (INR 35.98-77.49 Lakh)
data engineer 30,000-66,000 (INR 27.67-60.89 Lakh)
Senior Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer 39,000-87,000 (INR 35.98-80.27 Lakh)


What are some skills required for BSc Physics in UK?

There are a few skills that you should have while studying BSc Physics in the UK:

1. Problem Solving Skills
2. Analytical Approach
3. Reasoning
4. Research and Data Analysis
5. Practical Skills
6. Communication Skills
7. Team Working
8. Time Management and Organization Skills

What are some job profiles for BSc Physics graduates in UK?

Some of the job profiles for BSc Physics graduates in UK are-
1. software engineer
2. data scientist
3. software developer
4. Data Analyst
5. Senior Software Engineer
6. Data Engineer
7. Senior Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer

What higher education options do BSc Physics graduates have in the UK?

BSc Physics graduates in the UK can start further studies such as Master’s and PhD degrees before starting their career.

Hopefully, you have got information about BSc Physics course in UK in this blog. If you want to do BSc Physics course in UK 1800 572 000 by calling Leverage Edu Book a free 30 minute session with the experts. They will give you better guidance and help you with the application process.

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