Ireland became the favorite destination for Indian students

According to Ireland Ambassador of India Brandon Ward, Ireland has become the most preferred destination for Indian students. Ireland is emerging as a great destination for students who want to complete their studies abroad.

This change is mainly seen after COVID. After the COVID pandemic, there has been a lot of enthusiasm among students to study abroad, which has seen a jump of about 60-70% in the number of students in each study abroad destination. However, in the midst of all this, many issues and problems regarding visa have also come to the fore in some destinations.

According to Ireland’s top envoy, their country is the most accessible study abroad destination for overseas students among all other destinations. Not only this, according to them Ireland is not only the best study abroad destination but it is also capable of providing you the best visa policy. Ireland also gives you a stay back option of two years which means you can stay back and explore various job options related to your field.

According to previous research, there has been an increase in the number of Indian students coming to Ireland in the last four to five years. According to the analysis done at the moment, about 5,000 students took admission in Irish colleges and universities for the current academic year, which started in September 2022. The effect of the number of Indians taking admission in Ireland and the stay back option is also seen on the overall growth of Ireland and India along with India and Irish Universities. Due to the increasing involvement and good relations between Ireland and India, we will see this growth graph increasing in future.

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