MBA Chaiwala – Praful Billore is an inspiration for the youth

Man’s passion gives him a new goal. Now someone wants to do something else but he earns name in something else. How many of us would be those who have achieved their goals or are working hard to achieve them. If your hard work is also not paying off, then in this blog you will know how a boy achieved something else in his life which he wanted to achieve. So let us tell you the story of MBA Chaiwala in detail.

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Interesting is the story of MBA Chaiwala

MBA Chaiwala
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Praful Billore aka MBA Chaiwala was born in 1997 in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. Prafulla was very smart in studies since childhood. His parents thought that he would definitely do something big in his life. He did his B.Com from Government College and simultaneously started preparing for MBA. Praful came to Ahmedabad to do MBA, where he was preparing for CAT exam to get admission in MBA. He worked hard to prepare.

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struggled a lot

MBA Chaiwala
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For two-and-a-half years, he tried very hard to do MBA but he could not succeed. He did not want to do MBA from private college because his fees were very high and later his return of investment was also less. After staying like this for so many days, he got a job in McDonald’s in Ahmedabad. Here Prafulla used to get paid at the rate of Rs.37 per hour and he used to work for about 12 hours a day. This is how MBA Chaiwala alias Prafulla worked in McDonald’s for 3-4 months.

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suddenly thought of doing something

When Praful was in doubt about life, what to do now, he came up with the idea that when McDonald’s can become the world’s largest food company by selling burgers, then why not do something of my own? He decided to start a tea stall. His argument was that tea only holds the whole of India together, whether it is a crossroad, road, tapri or anything else, tea holds everyone together.

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And became an MBA Chaiwala

MBA Chaiwala
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MBA Chaiwala needed money for 10 thousand rupees per month to set up his cart next to a hospital, he took 8-10 thousand rupees from his father and started doing his work in Ahmedabad. As soon as the cart started, it was as if people had gathered in large numbers. Hundreds of people started coming in no time. Seeing all this, Praful named his tea stall “Mr. Billore A’ bad”. After this he became an MBA and on seeing this, he started small events like social events, entrepreneurial events etc. with the crowd of people. His tea stall gradually became a picnic spot for the people. Later, he came up with the idea of ​​free tea for singles on Valentine’s Day, which proved to be a huge hit in his career.

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crores of turnover

Initially, he had thought that he would be able to cover the monthly rent for the tea stall. But later the stall ran in such a way that Praful’s days were gone again. A small stall now takes out a turnover of 3 crores annually. There around 30 people work with him. Not only this, Praful gets big orders from weddings, parties, along with MBA Chaiwala also does fundraising for social works.

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Lectures are given in top institutes

MBA Chaiwala
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MBA Chaiwala While preparing for MBA, it was Prafulla Billore’s dream to go and study in the institutes. Today the same institute invites Prafulla to deliver lectures as a management guru. Prafulla’s life mantra is that ‘no work is big or small and money can be earned from everything, you just need to know the art of earning’.

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achieve success regardless

Praful knew that his parents would not understand his idea. He was furious. They wanted him to get a degree. When Praful told them that he wanted to start his own business, his parents said that it would bring shame to their family. Even his friends made fun of him. But the position that MBA Chaiwala alias Prafulla has achieved today by unheard everyone is an example.

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