What is an academic transcript and its importance

An academic transcript is an important document, especially when you study abroad or plan to apply for higher education in India or apply for a job/internship. Each university asks for school and college transcripts to ascertain the caliber and academic performance of the students at their previous institution. It is a detailed account of your academic performance during your graduation and post graduation. It contains all the relevant information about the courses taken by you, the marks obtained in various subjects and the aggregate of all the semesters. Here, in this blog, we discuss all the details related to academic transcripts.

What is an Academic Transcript?

A transcript is proof of education. It contains a detailed record of all the subjects you have studied along with your marks in the form of marks or grades given by the study institute. However all the documents Transcript, Degree, Diploma, Certificate and Marksheet are proof of fulfilling an education qualification. A transcript differs from a diploma or degree. The transcript should include a complete list or table of annual modules/topics and practical work that you have studied and conducted during the study period. Considering the grading system followed by an institution, it consists of our marks or grades or in some cases subject wise credit value is mentioned.

What Happens in an Academic Transcript?

Academic transcripts may be issued by your current / previous educational institution to verify and accept the courses you have taken and the marks obtained in them. All institutions generally follow a standard format for transcripts:

  • Name of the issuing educational institution
  • accreditation of educational institution
  • Name of Student
  • Roll Number / ID of the student
  • Name of degree obtained
  • List of courses taken
  • Marks/Grade obtained in all courses
  • Sum total of marks/grade obtained

The document must be stamped and attested by the issuing authority. Based on the protocol of the institution/university, students must make a formal request for their academic transcripts with the college administration. To obtain an official transcript, you must pay the prescribed fee and produce the documents required to obtain your official transcript. Colleges generally take 7 to 14 days or more to issue the documents, so make sure you apply for it well in time. Some colleges may also require you to physically collect your transcripts from the administrative office.

Required Documents

To obtain an academic transcript, you will need to submit certain documents and fill out a form or write an application to the college. The process may vary according to the college you belong to, but there are some common documents you should have:

  • A copy of your latest mark sheet
  • student identity proof
  • identity proof

Why Academic Transcripts Are Important ,

There can be many reasons behind wanting an academic transcript, this reason can be commercial, educational or personal. Most people receive their academic transcripts when they wish to apply for higher studies or jobs abroad. This happens because a degree or diploma certificate is not enough. An academic transcript provides complete details of a student’s academic performance and achievements to any university/employer. Here are some reasons why you might need your original transcript:

  • higher studies
  • visa application
  • employment
  • transfer of colleges
  • credit transfer
  • personal reasons

Difference between academic transcript and academic degree

There are some differences between an academic transcript and an academic degree. An academic transcript is not the same as an academic degree.

academic transcript academic degree
An academic transcript provides detailed information regarding the courses you have taken during your programme. An academic degree announces the successful completion of your programme.
Many foreign universities require their students to produce the same in original documents at the time of admission; So make sure you have your academic transcripts with you. Academy degree is required to apply in any university, whether it is a foreign university or a domestic one.

difference between unofficial and official academic transcript

Any student can easily get their unofficial academic transcript. They can simply download it by signing in to their official student account on their college website. However, most universities only accept an official academic transcript obtained after a formal request from the prior college/university.

Can a College Withhold Your Transcripts?

An academic transcript is one of the most important documents when applying to foreign colleges. Without this official document, it is impossible for the students to get admission. A college may withhold your transcript if you have any financial delinquencies; It could be tuition fees or student loans taken by you or non-deposit of fees in the library. Financial oversight grants each college the right to deny you a copy of your official transcript if your dues or loans are not paid.

Can you apply for higher studies without your academic transcripts?

Official academic transcripts are issued after you complete your programme, which means that if you are applying for higher studies in your final year of graduation, you can submit a copy of your latest marksheets. Most colleges will accept a marksheet instead of an official transcript to get the original. However, if you fail to submit your transcript with the college within the stipulated period, they have the right to cancel your admission and withdraw your application.


What is an academic transcript?

Academic transcripts may be issued by your current / previous educational institution to verify and accept the courses you have taken and the marks obtained in them.

What is the difference between academic and college transcripts?

Academic Transcripts and College Transcripts synonym words Huh. They are used interchangeably to refer to the document issued by your current / previous educational institution to verify and accept the course you have taken and the marks obtained in them.

Can you apply for higher studies without your academic transcripts?

No, it is not possible to apply for higher studies without academic transcript. Universities require students to submit a marksheet (unofficial college transcript) if you fail to produce one, unless your college issues an official document.

What is the purpose of college transcript?

An academic transcript provides a complete description of a student’s academic performance and achievements to any university/employer. This includes all of the following information:
1. Name of the issuing educational institution
2. Accreditation of Educational Institution
3. Name of the student
4. Roll Number / ID of the student
5. Name of degree obtained
6. List of courses taken
7. Marks/Grade obtained in all courses
8. Aggregate of Marks/Grade Obtained

How long do colleges keep transcripts?

Universities and colleges keep comprehensive records of all academic transcripts and relevant documents. Students can issue duplicate or final copy of the document at the given fee.

When are college transcripts released?

The college transcript is issued at the end of your degree. After each semester, the college issues a provisional mark sheet for the students and teachers.

An academic transcript and an Australian Higher Education Essay What is the difference between

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement is an account of a program of study and provides all the details required to meet the requirements to obtain an award. Whereas academic transcripts may be issued by your current/previous educational institution to verify and acknowledge the courses you have taken and the marks obtained in them.

Can you translate your transcript into another language?

Yes, there are a number of organizations that are accepted by universities as translation bodies for academic transcripts, such as World Education Services (WES) for the USA and UK, Fellow of the Institute of Translation to Translators (FITI) or Member (MITI) ) and Interpreting (ITI).

Can I view my transcript online?

Yes, if you have a subject ID of your university then you can download the transcript and view your marks/subjects for each semester.

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