Your questions: In which areas can I go after doing 12th from Arts side?

Hello Kunwar.

I am very glad to know that you are so concerned about your career. But you don’t need to worry because here I am Some top courses after 12th arts Here I am giving the list of which you can choose the course according to your interest.

  • BA [Bachelor of Arts]
  • MBA [Bachelor of Business Administrative]
  • BHM [Bachelor of Hotel Management]
  • MBA in event management
  • B.F.D. [Bachelor of Fashion designing]
  • B.F.A. [Bachelor of Fine arts]
  • BPA [Bachelor of Performing arts]
  • BA LLB [Bachelor of Arts + LLB]
  • BJMC [Bachelor of Journalism & Mass communication]

Some diploma courses are also conducted after 12th arts, in which you can also take admission. The list of Diploma courses is as follows-

  • Foreign language diploma
  • Diploma in designing
  • diploma in teaching
  • Diploma in Journalism
  • Diploma in photography
  • Diploma in architecture

You can also study these courses from abroad, for which I am giving the list of top universities abroad:

Now if we talk about how to take admission in these top universities abroad? Are there scholarships or loans available to study abroad? So let us tell you that the answer to every such question of yours Leverage Edu Will get near.

after 12th study abroad to you IELTS either TOEFL score is required. You can use this number to take admission abroad 1800572000 call and our Leverage Edu Can talk with experts. They will also help you with your application process as well as the scholarship, loan and visa process.

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