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Ladies, if you are someone who loves to have an upper hand in all aspects of life, I advice you to get married to a younger fella because everything is simply amazing! From sex and affection to decision-making skills, getting married to a younger man comes as a boon when you want less conflict but more dominance in life.

Four years ago, I made the brilliant decision to get married to a younger man and this has been nothing short of exciting for me.

He was 27 at the time when we met and I was 33. We met on an online dating app. At first, I wasn’t really looking for something serious. Despite my parents pushing me to get married, I wanted to take it slow. But when I met Sarthak over some drinks for the first time, we somehow clicked. It felt like the missing piece of my puzzle was sitting right in front of me. We talked all night and even went for a drive to Marine Drive in Mumbai that night. It was certain that we were going to meet up soon. And we did. There were ample dates and adventurous trips that we went on. All that time, our age gap never made a difference. He loved spending time with me and so did I. I revealed to him that my past relationships were the reason I haven’t been able to marry someone yet. I have been a woman who hasn’t been able to trust a man easily, but somehow this man was breaking down all my walls.

And a year later, he proposed to me on my birthday and I said yes! We got married within a few months. It wasn’t a big, fat Indian wedding but it was more than what I ever wished for. There were so many rumours and gossip going around that I had manipulated such a young man to marry me. While this all did affect me a little bit, Sarthak stood beside me all that time and made sure he was my pillar.

Our marriage has been great. He loves a woman who dominates and I love a man who listens. We have a perfect balance together. Not once have we had ego clashes. He looks up to me to make the big decisions and I welcome this move a lot. But he never backs down when I need help. It is like having a supportive partner who understands where my actions are coming from. Men my age are always trying to fight and overpower me, but Sarthak has never tried to do so.

He is so energetic and matches my sexual energy as well! Our physical relationship is thriving and I couldn’t be happier! Marrying a younger man may invite a lot of judgements from society but that is nothing compared to the happiness and contentment you will feel in the marriage. And ladies, if you love experimenting, definitely marry a younger man, it will keep you thrilled for life!

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