Winter superfood: Wonderful benefits of Nolen Gur in winter; lip-smacking recipes to try

Jaggery or gur is best enjoyed in winter due to its warm nature and this is the reason we love to eat revdi, chikki, kheer, til laddoo and all things made of ‘Gud’ when the mercury drops. Jaggery also works well in cold weather, as it prevents constipation, boosts energy levels when you are feeling dull and also soothes the aches and pains related to the season. Due to its usha or hot property, Ayurveda recommends eating jaggery or gud daily after meals to improve digestion. (Also read: 7 winter superfoods for people with diabetes)

While jaggery is mostly derived from sugarcane, a type of gur called Nolen Gur, quite popular in West Bengal, is extracted from date palm trees. Nolen Gur has its own set of benefits apart from incredible taste and texture. The best part about Nolen Gur is that it is preservative free and natural.

“For many deadly diseases, refined sugar is a known culprit. Choosing jaggery over refined sugar is healthy as it contains molasses which has good nutritional values. Nolen Gur is a natural sweetener.

Benefits of Nolen Gur

Nolen Gur contains good amount of iron, magnesium, manganese, and potassium. It also has some content of vitamins, calcium and zinc,” says Priyanka Sharma, Nutritionist- Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Noida elaborating on the health benefits of Nolen Gur.

Sharma lists other benefits of Nolen Gur:

Rich in iron

It is moderately rich in iron, which helps in managing the hemoglobin levels.

Electrolyte balance

It regulates our body’s electrolyte balance and lowers water retention, as it is packed with good amount of potassium.

Relieves menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps and PMS can make few days of the month unbearable. But, Nolen Gur can make you feel calm by releasing endorphins and easing pain.

Soothes sore throat

Nolen Gur can help in soothing sore throat and can bring relief from cold and cough.

Digestive issue

In Indian culture, Gur is been used for all digestives problems. Some research believes that jaggery can stimulate digestive enzymes and can help in getting relieved from constipation.

Boosts energy

Half a cup of jaggery contains 383 calories to up the energy levels. So, including an inch of jaggery per day can boost the energy levels.

Relieves migraine pain

For people who have migraine issues, jaggery is a good option as it acts as natural pain killer.

Strong bones

Nolen gur contains some amount of calcium which helps in strong bones, and can sometimes work for conditions like arthritis.

Recipes of Nolen Gur

Try these delicious Nolen Gur recipes by Sharma to warm your body and boost immunity this winter

1. Date Palm Jaggery Moa


100 gm puffed rice

500 ml milk

100 gm date palm jaggery

Finely chopped dry fruits

Cashew for garnishing


– Heat a cup of milk to 1/3 of its quantity on low flame.

– Add another cup of milk and let it boil for 5 minutes on low flame.

– Stir continuously and add date palm jaggery

– Add handful of chopped dry fruits along with puffed rice to the above mixture and mix well

– Let it cool.

– Garnish it with cashews.

2. Nolen Gur and Besan Sheera


1 cup besan

1 cup Nolen Gur

Handful of chopped nuts

2-3 spoons of ghee


– In kadhai, roast besan or chickpea flour until it start turning brown.

– Add ghee and roast again.

– Add boiling milk to avoid lump and stir continuously.

– Add nolen gur and continue stirring.

– Add handful of nuts as it starts to get thicken.

– Serve hot.

3. Nolen Gur jaggery and wheat pancakes


½ cup Nolen gur

1 ½ cup of wheat flour


¼ spoon of baking soda


– Mix ½ cup of Nolen gur and ½ water in a bowl until jaggery dissolves.

– Now add 1 ½ cup of wheat flour and ¼ tsp of baking soda. Mix well.

– Add ½ cup of water.

– Use whisk, mix well so that there is no lumps and make a smooth batter.

– Use spoon to combine the mixture for 2-3 minutes and incorporate air.

– Add ¼ cup of water and mix. The batter should be of pourable consistency.

– Heat tawa, pour the batter and let the batter spread on its own.

– Cook the pancakes till bubbles starts to form on the surface.

– When the base becomes crisp. Flip the pancake.

– Cook it for a minute. Turn the flame off.

– Serve hot.

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