Anorgasmia: The condition that stops you from having an orgasm | The Times of India

Several factors can cause anorgasmia. According to Mayo Clinic, these include: relationship or intimacy issues, cultural factors, physical or medical conditions, and medications.

As is known, sex is something that involves both physical and psychological factors. Having said that, a past sexual or emotional abuse, poor body image, guilt about sex, lack of knowledge around pleasure can all affect one’s attempt to reach a climax.

Similarly, if your relationship is suffering i.e. if there is a lack of emotional intimacy, poor communication, infidelity, etc., it can cause anorgasmia.

In addition, long term health problems such as diabetes, overactive bladder or multiple sclerosis can also increase your risk of the condition. Certain medications, gynecological treatments, alcohol consumption, smoking can all contribute to your risk.

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