Srinagar’s craftsman, Jalaluddin Sheikh carves masterpieces on walnut wood

There is no place where art as a skill cannot find its feet. An instance of the same can be found in 65-year-old Jalaluddin Sheikh from Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar, where he has been carving out masterpieces for the past 46 years. According to a report, he has established a factory at his house where … Read more

Monpa tribe look up to e-platforms for preserving hand-made paper-making craft

For 24-year-old Nima Tsering, the charms of a metropolis where most of his peers from a hamlet in Arunachal Pradesh have migrated in search of greener pastures hold no allure. The preservation and revival of a thousand-year-old paper-making craft of the Monpa tribe are what matters most. The ‘Mon Shugu’ or the paper of the … Read more