What is B.Com in E commerce and how to do it?

Buying + Selling = eCommerce. Today, it would be quite fair to say that e-commerce has become the second word for shopping considering how it has blended with our lives. Not only limited to the purchase of goods and services but food delivery, subscription to movie platforms, doing online courses, fund transfers, etc. are also … Read more

What is B.Com in Law and how to do it?

In today’s time, everyone selects the best course in search of better options by earning maximum knowledge in their degree. Integrated courses are becoming famous due to the desire of this satisfaction among the candidates who want to study abroad. One such integrated course is B.Com in Law i.e. B.Com LLB. Students who see and … Read more

Your questions: Can I do MA Economics after doing B.COM?

Hello Swastik. yes you After B.COM MA Economics can easily. Economics is the subject of Arts and Commerce only. MA Economics is a 2-year postgraduate degree that involves a detailed study of the nuances of economic development and various branches of economics. Subjects like monetary economics, elementary statistics, international trade are well taught in this … Read more

What is B.Com in Management Studies and how to do it?

With cut-throat competition in the corporate world, no person without any special skills is not considered job worthy. This field demands professionally qualified Bachelors in Management who are ready to meet different functions and responsibilities. BCom in Management Studies helps a person to understand the fundamentals of management and organizational structure. In this blog, complete … Read more