Why and how to do B.Sc Biochemistry?

The interdisciplinary specialization of Biochemistry is a combination of the disciplines of biology and chemistry. It investigates the science of living beings and the subatomic causes of progress in living cells. The aim of BSc Biochemistry is to explore every single biological process occurring on the planet down to its chemical structure. In this blog … Read more

Know why and how to do B.Sc in Applied Sciences here

Bachelor of Science in Applied Science is a three year full time Bachelor degree course. This course explains how to put the processes and laws of science into practice. This course helps you develop a wide range of your abilities. You agricultural Industries, Chemical Manufacturing Companies, Educational Institutes, Forest Services and can also work in … Read more

Why and how to do B.Sc Chemistry?

The study of chemistry opens up possibilities for you to explore how matter and energy interact in different environments. Encompassing almost everything around us, chemistry is an intriguing domain that is defined as the science of matter around us. This course is offered as a part of science stream subjects at secondary level. It is … Read more

Know BSC Maths Syllabus in detail

Do you have the ability to solve complex maths equations, do you have exceptional analytical reasoning, if yes, then BSc Maths is a good subject for you. Bachelor of Science in Maths 12th science And Commercial It is one of the most opted BSc Syllabus which will provide you the knowledge related to various Mathematical … Read more

Your Question: Is Gargi College the right choice for pursuing B.Sc Life Science? Your Question: Is Gargi College the right choice for pursuing B.Sc Life Science?

Hello Sarup. Yes, your selection of Gargi College is correct, but you can also choose foreign universities for B.Sc Life Science. Lots of microscopes and other equipment are used to perform experiments during the course, so students can learn new techniques that are used for research analysis in advanced research laboratories and in industry. Canada, … Read more