Colleges warn students against using ChatGPT

“AI (artificial intelligence) agents such as ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot or Blackbox should not be used when original submission is expected from students or faculty, such as code in the first-year programming course or original essays, answers to questions etc.,” according to the 1 January notice. The state private university said it will start blocking these … Read more

International students return to US colleges and universities

The number of international students at US colleges and universities increased during the academic year ending in spring intakes, according to a report this week from the State Department and the Institute of International Education. The number of foreign students was reported to have declined by about 15% in the pandemic. While this figure has … Read more

Which are the best architecture colleges in UK

world’s best architecture college UK are in. From ornate classical architecture to modern design, in the UK you will find buildings designed by architects. According to UUKi (Universities UK International), more than 13,000 international students visit the UK to study architecture every year. Let us tell you about UK architecture colleges in detail. Read also: … Read more

BSc IT Colleges, Syllabus, Qualification, Career and much more

The technical industry is growing rapidly in the digital age where every sector is incorporating new and advanced technologies to perform difficult tasks effectively and in a better way. There are a plethora of degree and diploma programs available in IT and Computer Science which you can also explore to gain technical knowledge, skills and … Read more