Gallstones: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Gallstones can be termed as a collection of bile materials in one’s gallbladder but are you aware they can be as small as a sand particle in size or even as large as a ball size? Sometimes, these stones can cause complications like infection, jaundice, sepsis, pancreatitis, etc. The condition of having gallstones is known … Read more

Fertility tips: Lifestyle changes for couples to increase chances of conceiving in their 30s

Several methods have been highlighted by fertility specialists where couples who want to have children can improve their odds of using contraception after turning 30. We are all aware that a woman’s fertility can decrease as she gets older as women are born with a fixed number of eggs and as they get older, both … Read more

Experts on can breathing in smog be a reason for cancers or lead to infertility

Although air pollution is mostly linked with asthma and chronic cough due to reactive airway diseases, doctors have always wondered what causes the lung cancer in non-smokers. Non-smokers lung cancer has always puzzled scientists with no real awareness of the disease causality as non-smokers lung cancer is thought to be mostly as a result of … Read more

Pulmonary hypertension: Causes, symptoms, risk factors, complications, diagnosis, treatment

Pulmonary hypertension is a type of high blood pressure that takes a toll on the arteries present in the lungs and also the right side of the heart and this condition is more commonly seen in women. The lung is an important organ of the body which takes part in the gas exchange of oxygen … Read more

Tips to avoid and fight sexual health diseases in men and women

While it is important for people to be aware of AIDS and take necessary precautions to avoid it, it also becomes important for people to know about their overall sexual health, which means being aware of different sexually transmitted diseases, how they are contracted and how to protect oneself from them. There are a variety … Read more