Essay on Modern Means of Entertainment – Successful Means of Entertainment

Entertainment is an important part of human life. Entertainment helps us to do something new and complete a task. Entertainment is like a medicine for the tiredness of the day. Life without entertainment is like a car without petrol, so entertainment is necessary to move forward. In the essay on modern means of entertainment, we … Read more

Essay on importance of women education in 100, 200 and 500 words

Since ancient times, women’s education was not important due to many rulers, warrior ie male dominated society, but a century ago, Raja Rammohan Roy and Ishwar Chand Vidyasagar started women’s education. They had to face many protests and violence, but there was a change in people regarding the importance of women’s education. As time progressed … Read more

Essay on Online Education – Leverage Edu

Education is an important part of life. Shiksha is a Sanskrit word which means to learn or teach. We can receive education through any medium. Education prepares man intellectually. Similarly, online education is a simple way to get education in today’s modern era. Online education system is like a boon in modern times. One who … Read more

essay on my great india

India is a country that adapts itself to every situation with time, India is one of those developing countries that is climbing the stairs of progress the fastest. We all are proud to be Indian. The oldest civilization and rich in ancient culture, India has a proud history. India is not called a golden bird … Read more