Home designs: Tips on using leftover marble for interior decor

Marble is one of the go-to materials for designing a luxury home as they are solid, durable, reliable and aesthetically appealing for home interiors. Remnants from natural stone present an opportunity for creative applications beyond conventional uses. With consumers becoming more ecologically conscious, upcycling of design materials has risen over the past decade. These remnants … Read more

How to do BA in Home Science?

Home science is a study about science related to food and nutrition, health, environment, human development and other departments in the field of science. BA Home Science is a popular course in the field of Home Science. This course is offered by select universities and colleges not only in India but across the world. Generally, … Read more

Indians make up most of home buyers in Central Texas

According to a recent report by the Austin Board of Realtors, Indians have the largest share of the total number of international home buyers in Central Texas. If we look at the percentage, this percentage is found to be 21% of the total international home buyers. According to the Central Texas International Homebuyers Report 2022, … Read more