According to the study, international students in Canada stay where they get study permits

A recent analysis of international students in Canada has shown that the most students want to study or work in the place where they obtained their study permit. The Conference Board of Canada is a non-profit research organization focused on analyzing economic trends, organizational performance and issues related to public policy. Although the Conference Board … Read more

Georgia has increased international student numbers and created 8,276 jobs since COVID

With the worst of the pandemic during the fall and spring of 2020-21, Georgia enrollment dropped 11.3 percent to 21,515 students, but more than 25,000 international students enrolled at Georgia universities in 2021-22 since COVID. This year, India’s proportion increased from 18.6 per cent to 22.1 per cent. Georgia largely tracked national figures, although the … Read more

University of Strathclyde Scholarships for International Students application date starts from January 2023

Scholarship Worth £4,000-5,000 (INR 3.89-4.86 Lakh) time limit 14 December 2022 help for tuition fees eligibility International students who pay international fees are also eligible for full time admission in MSc Advanced Computer Science, MSc Advanced Computer Science with Data Science or MSc Advanced Software commencing in January 2023. Duration 1 year WHO THIS SCHOLARSHIP … Read more

Spain ready to teach international students in 2023

Many students were disheartened due to the pandemic. In 2022, two years later, a group of 19 students led by Professors Maureen Tobin Stanley and Milagros Gómez in Spain took off for a month in Salamanca on May 31, 2022. This popular faculty-led Study Abroad program has taken dozens of UMD students to Spain since … Read more

Big news for international students and immigrants from America

Economists have concluded that an increase in imports and exports is a significant benefit that countries receive from admitting immigrants and international students. New research from economists has shown that international students offer more economic incentives than previously thought. According to analysts, international students benefit America in a number of ways. These benefits include providing … Read more

France made an important announcement related to training international students

French country minister for digital transition and telecommunicationDuring his visit to IIT Delhi, Jean Noel Berrot announced that by 2025, France is aiming to provide training to 5 lakh international students. This report, which came on 18 November 2022, also included other things said in the visit made by Berrot. Mainly this visit was done … Read more

International students return to US colleges and universities

The number of international students at US colleges and universities increased during the academic year ending in spring intakes, according to a report this week from the State Department and the Institute of International Education. The number of foreign students was reported to have declined by about 15% in the pandemic. While this figure has … Read more