How to do medical certificate course? Leverage Edu

in medical certificate course Doing this can prove to be more beneficial for you. Medical Due to the increasing demand of people working in the field of engineering, the popularity of these courses is increasing among the people. In today’s blog, we will discuss about certificate courses done in the field of medical, how these … Read more

How to become a poet? , Leverage Edu

Let’s light the lamp againdark in the midday the sun lost to the shadowsqueeze the innermostlight the extinguished wickLet’s light the lamp again” Through this poem, poet Atal Bihari Vajpayee wants to say that in youth a person is healthy, powerful, full of enthusiasm, gaiety and enthusiasm. In this situation, we should never give up. … Read more

Essay on Online Education – Leverage Edu

Education is an important part of life. Shiksha is a Sanskrit word which means to learn or teach. We can receive education through any medium. Education prepares man intellectually. Similarly, online education is a simple way to get education in today’s modern era. Online education system is like a boon in modern times. One who … Read more

What is LLB? – Leverage Edu

LLB stands for Bachelor of Laws in English and “Legum Baccalaureus” is an abbreviation for LLB in Latin. LLB course details in Hindi i.e. LLB is related to law studies. By doing LLB, students become related to legal fields. Students who complete LLB can practice law after registering themselves in Bar Counseling of India (BCI). … Read more