What you see first in this optical illusion reveals your secret weakness in love | The Times of India

Psychology may claim that your feelings are the result of a straightforward biochemical occurrence that sets off your hormones and causes your stomach to flutter. But how does that account for your particular aversion to, say, bearded men? Or even tattooed women? Love transcends hormones and animal instinct, as we all know. Each time a … Read more

For better and for worse: Wedding-night rituals from around the world

Doubtless, you can rattle off suhaag-raat clichés from the movies: a pinch of saffron in a glass of milk; rose petals on the bed; giggling relatives at the door. Around the world, nuptial intimacy has been both a public and private experience. Some customs are as abhorrent as they are widespread. Across Central Asia and … Read more

The slow fade: Are you quiet quitting in your relationship?

Quiet quitting doesn’t just occur in the workplace. It can happen in a relationship too. Striving for change has shown no results. It has likely caused distress to both partners and raised questions that seem impossible to resolve. The result is a feeling that one is better off just easing up on the effort and … Read more