How to do BA in Home Science?

Home science is a study about science related to food and nutrition, health, environment, human development and other departments in the field of science. BA Home Science is a popular course in the field of Home Science. This course is offered by select universities and colleges not only in India but across the world. Generally, … Read more

How to do MSC Environmental Science?

Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy once said, “One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken”. The link between should not be broken”. This link is established by understanding the interactions between the physical, biological and chemical components of the environment. but air, water and land … Read more

Your Question: Is Gargi College the right choice for pursuing B.Sc Life Science? Your Question: Is Gargi College the right choice for pursuing B.Sc Life Science?

Hello Sarup. Yes, your selection of Gargi College is correct, but you can also choose foreign universities for B.Sc Life Science. Lots of microscopes and other equipment are used to perform experiments during the course, so students can learn new techniques that are used for research analysis in advanced research laboratories and in industry. Canada, … Read more

What are Data Science Syllabus and Subjects?

Data science has made technology even simpler and easier. With the advancement of data science machine learning It has become very simple too. The syllabus of Data Science is made up of three main components: Big Data, Machine Learning and Modeling in Data Science. Major Topics in Data Science Syllabus statistics, Coding, Business Intelligence, Data … Read more

What is MBA Data Science and how to do it?

Businesses around the world have realized that deriving value from data is no longer a competitive advantage but a competitive necessity. data science Has emerged as a new concept in technology-driven businesses. Trends suggest that this field is expected to witness huge growth in future, which is why many aspirants are counting on it while … Read more