Georgia has increased international student numbers and created 8,276 jobs since COVID

With the worst of the pandemic during the fall and spring of 2020-21, Georgia enrollment dropped 11.3 percent to 21,515 students, but more than 25,000 international students enrolled at Georgia universities in 2021-22 since COVID. This year, India’s proportion increased from 18.6 per cent to 22.1 per cent. Georgia largely tracked national figures, although the … Read more

Your Questions: I am a student of B. Com, what should I do next?

Hello, All Learning Tips. If you have completed your B.Com, then you can do M.Com master’s degree, MBA can do, CA And CS Apart from this, accountant, business analyst, auditorEconomist, Finance Officer, Stock Broker, Consultant and Business Planner and there are many diploma courses in which you can also take admission. Apart from this, you … Read more

12.7% rise in TNE student numbers in the UK

UK Collaborated provision, distance, flexible, distributed learning and studying overseas partner organizations are driving an increase in students from around the world studying through UK international education opportunities, according to new research. The Scale of UK Higher Education Transnational Education report from Universities UK International and the British Council found that 510,835 students from 228 … Read more

Australia’s overseas student visa moving into a new era

Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently told temporary students to ‘go home’. Since then most universities have refused JobKeeper and any genuine support for temporary entrants stranded in Australia. Many commentators assumed Australia would struggle to attract foreign students once the pandemic struck. Those commentators fail to take into account the attractiveness of the … Read more

92 thousand Indian students got UK student visa

Over 92,000 UK student visas have been awarded to Indian students so far in 2022, a top UK academy has said, a rise of over 350% on 2019. Prof Nick Jennings, the newly-appointed Vice Chancellor of Loughborough University and the UK Government’s first Chief Scientist Consultant for National Security, told FE that BREXIT has left … Read more

US student visa interview will be waived for these applicants

The US is likely to remove the mandatory US student visa interview requirement for certain categories of applicants. Certain other categories of visas may also be further exempted from the in-person interview requirement. According to a senior official of the US Embassy in India, a person who has already obtained any type of US visa … Read more