New UK-India visa scheme to start early next year

This new UK-India visa scheme was launched on 16 November. Under the scheme, 3,000 visas will be offered annually to Indian students and professionals aged 18 to 30 to live and work in the UK for up to 24 months. This new UK-India visa scheme will become operational from early next year. Industry and student … Read more

Australia’s overseas student visa moving into a new era

Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently told temporary students to ‘go home’. Since then most universities have refused JobKeeper and any genuine support for temporary entrants stranded in Australia. Many commentators assumed Australia would struggle to attract foreign students once the pandemic struck. Those commentators fail to take into account the attractiveness of the … Read more

92 thousand Indian students got UK student visa

Over 92,000 UK student visas have been awarded to Indian students so far in 2022, a top UK academy has said, a rise of over 350% on 2019. Prof Nick Jennings, the newly-appointed Vice Chancellor of Loughborough University and the UK Government’s first Chief Scientist Consultant for National Security, told FE that BREXIT has left … Read more

US student visa interview will be waived for these applicants

The US is likely to remove the mandatory US student visa interview requirement for certain categories of applicants. Certain other categories of visas may also be further exempted from the in-person interview requirement. According to a senior official of the US Embassy in India, a person who has already obtained any type of US visa … Read more

Huge increase in the number of full-time visa students at Atlantic Canadian universities

A new survey by the Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU) showed that universities across Atlantic Canada saw an increase in the number of full-time visa students during the 2022/23 academic year. Preliminary findings for 2022/23 showed that the total enrollment of full-time visa students increased by 15.5 percent, or about 3,000, during the new academic … Read more