Arthritis: Yoga poses for people with arthritis to aid weight loss

Arthritis can render your bones and joints weak and feeble affecting daily movements and deteriorating quality of life. The degeneration of bones cannot be reversed in this autoimmune condition and will get only worse with time. In arthritis, there is inflammation in one or more joints that often results in symptoms like pain, stiffness and … Read more

Yoga expert offers tips for beginners to prevent Yoga injuries

Yoga is growing in popularity in recent decades especially among youth as it offers twin advantage of mind and body fitness. Covid pandemic has made the ancient practice even more relevant considering its benefits in managing long Covid symptoms like breathing issues, fatigue and cardiac issues. The journey for many is life-changing but considering people … Read more

5 yoga asanas to get rid of love handles | The Times of India

If men like showing off their well-defined, muscular arms and thighs, ladies prefer to have a small waist. Women regard the classic hourglass form to be appealing and continuously strive for it. However, the benefits of having a small waist go beyond improving one’s appearance. You are more vulnerable to illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, … Read more